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Zoo worker dies after being attacked by a hippopotamus in India

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A zoo cleaner died after being attacked by a hippopotamus. Apart from this, another worker was injured. The accident took place at the Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden in Lucknow, India.

According to a report of Indian Express, two cleaners entered the house of the elephant while cleaning the zoo in Lucknow on Monday. At that time the hippo attacked them. One managed to get out, but the other was seriously injured and died.

Zoo director Aditi Sharma said, ‘This is a very unfortunate incident. Two workers entered the zoo’s hippopotamus room to clean it like every day. The hippo suddenly attacked them.’

The cleaner who died is Suraj. He entered the house of Jalhasti with another caretaker named Raju. As per rules the animal is moved to the back room during this work. From where visitors see the animal. The room is locked until it is cleared.

Aditi Sharma said, ‘There is a separate cell in Jalhasti’s room. He is kept in a cell where visitors can see him before entering the room for cleaning or other purposes. The zoo is closed on Monday because it is cleaned that day.’

Both of those who entered the house of the hippopotamus were trained. The deceased had been working at the zoo for about 10 years. The zoo director said, ‘Apparently, the danger has occurred due to the cage not being properly locked. The creature turned around and attacked the two.’

When the hippo attacks, Raju climbs on the railing to save his life. But Suraj was not saved. When the alarm sounded, other zoo staff rushed. The staff immediately locked up the animal and rescued the injured cleaner. He was rushed to the hospital. Suraj died during treatment.


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