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Zelensky bought a house in America to escape the country?

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If Ukraine is defeated in the ongoing war with Russia, the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky will flee the country and take refuge in the United States, and for this purpose he has also bought a house in Florida in the United States. Are the claims of social media users really true? A report on this has been published by Brussels-based media Euronews.

Euronews reported that some social media users are also writing that Zelensky has already fled to America!

A person wrote on social media X that after the defeat in the war, Volodymyr Zelensky could flee the country, so he applied for citizenship in America.

Not just ordinary people, even former Republican Senate candidate Lorraine Witz posted one such post on X. The post has already been viewed 1 million times. He also attached a picture of a house with the post. In that post, Weitz claims, ‘Zelensky bought a house in Florida for $20 million. He is actually thinking of fleeing Ukraine.’

Did Zelensky really buy the house?
The photos, which social media users are claiming to be Zelensky’s purchased home, have been verified by The Cube, a fact-checking organization. They said the house featured in the post is located in Ponte Vedra Beach. It is more than 300 km from the Ponte Vedra Beach claimed by the posters.

The house was listed for sale till December 20 on the website ‘Zillow’, an online housing buying and selling platform. The value of the house was written there at 1 million 1 million dollars.

All home buying documents in America can be viewed online. After reviewing those documents, The Cube reported that the house in question was bought by an Atlanta couple in 2019 for $6.3 million. They currently own the house. So it is clear that the house does not belong to President Zelensky of Ukraine.

Apart from this, the American social organization Reddit has been investigating the photo spread on social media as Zelensky’s application for US citizenship. The organization said that the photo circulated as the citizenship application form of the President of Ukraine is not the real application form. This is a fake application. It is created using customized templates.

Euronews reported that Zelensky’s middle name was also misspelled on the application form in question. Also, there is no signature of him on the application form, which is legally mandatory.

American journalist Lachlan Marke said, it is believed that these images were first spread from a website called DC Weekly. This is a pro-Russian website. At various times, this website has been seen publishing pictures and news related to Russia.


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