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Zelensky: A Man Sitting to Lose

by Afonso
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One forgotten man in the Forgotten War is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The ‘star’ has fallen in Ukraine less than two years after the war with Russia. This old war has now reached a stalemate. Ukrainian pronunciation is also almost closed.

Attacks and counter-attacks in Ukraine have become a sad regular occurrence. Tolerance has been replaced by ruthlessness. It can be said that victory is now even beyond the supposed reach of Ukraine.

The world is also tired of seeing the war in Ukraine. Columnists who once praised Ukraine’s resistance and Zelensky have abandoned both.

Zelensky is no longer invited to address the US Congress. Once there, Zelensky, dressed in his trademark green, was hailed as dashing, extraordinary and liberating.

Mass demonstrations in solidarity with Ukraine’s bravery and struggle for justice have also disappeared months ago. The media also do not publish urgent and sympathetic news about the war in Ukraine.

Now the only news that comes out about Zelensky and Ukraine is mostly ‘not good’. A news story on Ukraine published in US media Politico was titled ‘US Strategic Documents Leaked: Corruption Threatens Ukraine’.

The main sentence of this report was fatal. In it, it is clear that US President Joe Biden’s unyielding and steadfast affection for America, especially Ukraine, is beginning to wane.

Politico warned in the report that Biden administration officials are too concerned about corruption in Ukraine. Western allies may abandon Ukraine if Kiev fails to curb corruption. That would get Zelensky in trouble, big trouble.

I think he (Zelonsky) also knows that time and circumstances are not in his favor. Soon, very soon, Europe and Washington’s past friend of Ukraine will lose interest. Their unyielding desire to help Ukraine will slowly but surely come to an end. When this desire ends, their desire to pay will also end. Zelensky needs a lot of money to stop Vladimir Putin and his plans. Billions of dollars have already been spent on this war. The prospect of continued US and European Union (EU) action in Ukraine is fading.

Two Ukrainian soldiers in preparation for the attack.  Photo: Reuters
In a letter, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget wrote, ‘I want to be clear, without action by Congress, it will be impossible for us to procure more weapons and equipment for Ukraine by the end of the year and to provide equipment from the US military collection. Now we have no magic pot to fill this fund. We are out of money and running out of time.’

Even in such circumstances, the determination of the people of Ukraine remains intact. Ukraine’s foreign minister said that Ukraine will not give up after attending a conference in Brussels recently. He said, ‘We have to continue the war. Ukraine will not give up. This is not just about Ukraine’s security. This is a question of security for the entire Euro-Atlantic region.’ This shows his weakness. These words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine cannot hide the truth. It is understood from his words that he is getting tired.

The Ukraine war and Zelensky’s career could change many calculations if Putin’s favorite Donald Trump comes to power. I think another war in between is eroding support for Zelenskyi and Ukraine. He also understood this. He may also realize that he is incapable of doing anything practical to turn the situation around.

Last week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg appealed to his worried colleagues to stay in the war. Meanwhile, the torture of Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank exposed the deception and hypocrisy of Biden and his allies who oppose Russian aggression. In this champion Israel is showing cruelty and inhumanity.

By talking about international law, they are giving timely deception. By talking about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they are giving timely deception. The issue of so-called territorial integrity is also a timely deception of theirs. They are also deceiving how wars are fought and how to prevent the use of weapons against civilians. Finally, they are deceiving themselves about the issue of genocide.

Millions of people took to the streets against Biden’s policies. They are calling for a ceasefire to stop this brutality. Until that happens, Zelensky may face what he fears is global indifference and ambiguity over the Ukraine war.

The ‘mind of the world’ has turned away from Ukraine because of the ‘wretched’ Palestinians. The country has been abandoned by those maddened powers that once deliberately abandoned Ukrainians. And Zelensky knows it.

Author: Al-Jazeera columnist based in Toronto. Article courtesy of Al-Jazeera.


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