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Zayed Khan told the reason for calling Tisha ‘fool’

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Entertainment journalists of the country have rallied against TV actress Tanzin Tisha for threatening to ‘blow up’ media workers. Dhallywood actor Zayed Khan called actress Tisha a ‘fool’ in such a situation.

When Zayed Khan was asked about the Tisha issue in the media interview, he said, “Though I don’t know her personally, I think she (Tisha) is a bit stupid after seeing the news published about Tisha.”

Zayed said that the baby girl is immature. I do not know who gives wisdom. Being a fool may speak without understanding the real situation.

After that, Zayed said, Tisha should be a bit more mature. Maybe the little girl doesn’t understand. Entertainment journalists have been with the stars for ages. Along the way I also had trouble with entertainment journalists. But I did not raise that issue. The Tisha issue could have been resolved through discussions with senior journalists and senior actors. Journalists have to go to the streets, to protest, there was no need to go so far.

Regarding Tisha, Zayed also said that Tisha also needed to be a little more tolerant. He could have ended the matter through discussion without threatening the journalist.

Giving more reasons to call Tisha a fool, Zayed said that artists’ careers are ruined due to all these troubles of law and police. Artists should not get involved in these troubles. Moreover, once entertainment journalists turn their backs on a star, it is very difficult for that star to survive in the industry.

Zayed also brought up the subject of his life in the interview. He said, many incidents like Tisha have happened in my life. But I never let it go that far. I understand, tempers cannot be sustained for long. Still, celebrities have to try to stay calm. Journalists write a lot about me. But I am restrained.

After that, Zayed requested the journalists. He said, I request the journalists to be a little tolerant. Tisha minimizes the issue and settles the issue with a sweet face through senior actors. Because artists are not made in a day.

At the end of the interview, Zayed said, journalists are the best friends of celebrities. I have seen in my personal life, many heroines have gone to the police station in danger. At that time, journalists were with the heroine. Journalists come running when celebrities call in distress. Assists artists. So I will say, Tisha is a stupid girl so maybe she didn’t understand that much. Became aggressive. But it wasn’t necessary. If there is a problem, he (Tishar) should talk to his seniors and solve the problem.

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