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Zapa wants to win more seats than in 2018

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Jatiya Party wants to be the main opposition party in the 12th National Parliament. The leaders of the party want to win more seats in this election than in 2018. If the polls are competitive, other smaller parties are also hoping to win. They claim that voters will show interest in small parties to bring qualitative changes in politics.

The political parties have made all kinds of preparations to fight in the 12th National Assembly elections. The token allocation has already been completed. The campaign has begun.

Jatiya Party held several rounds of talks with Awami League to get concessions in some seats. In the end 26 seats were exempted. Although not completely satisfied with this, Jatiya Party leaders hope for a tough fight in the elections.

Sherifa Quader, Jatiya Party candidate in Dhaka-18 constituency, said, ‘There has been an agreement in some constituencies. Not in all seats. But we will fight. If the election is not affected, then this time we will go to Parliament with many more seats.’

There are 142 candidates of Trinamool BNP in the fray. If the polls are fair, they are also expected to win several seats. The leaders demanded the Election Commission to create a good environment for this.

Trinamool BNP Secretary General Taimur Alam Khandkar said, ‘We want the Election Commission to create a fair polling environment. The Election Commission knows who occupied the centre, action should be taken against them. And arrangements should be made to recover all legal and illegal weapons.’

The Kalyan Party led alliance is contesting in 36 seats. Kalyan Party has fielded candidates in 17 seats. The president of the alliance said that the candidates are fully prepared for the election.

Major General (Retd.) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, president of the United Front Alliance, said, ‘I myself am contesting from Cox’s Bazar Chakoria. We have many more candidates in Chittagong. We are all working in the polling field. Hopefully, we will pass the poll test.

The leaders of these parties feel that even if some parties do not participate, the twelfth parliamentary elections will be competitive and festive.


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