Home News Zahid’s workers are influencing voters with soap too: Mumtaz

Zahid’s workers are influencing voters with soap too: Mumtaz

Zahid’s workers are influencing voters with soap too: Mumtaz

Awami League candidate for Manikganj-2 (part of Singair, Harirampur and Sadar) seat, Mumtaz Begum said that her rival candidate Dewan Zahid Ahmed is spreading ‘black money’ to influence the voters. He has enough proof of this. Apart from this, Zahid Ahmed’s workers are also influencing voters with soap, which is a violation of code of conduct.’

On Thursday, Awami League candidate Mumtaz Begum and party’s independent candidate Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu held a press conference and made various allegations against each other. At this time, Mumtaz said this. He said that Zahid Ahmed has given bond twice to the Election Investigation Committee for violating the code of conduct. Despite this, the rival candidate and his staff did not desist from violating the code of conduct.

On Thursday afternoon, Mumtaz Begum held a press conference at her residence in Purva Bhakum village of Singair Upazila and Dewan Zahid Ahmed held a press conference at his private office in Baimile area of ​​the upazila in the afternoon.

Momtaz Begum, the current Member of Parliament and president of Singair Upazila Awami League, is running on the boat symbol in this constituency after getting party nomination. And District Awami League Treasurer Dewan Zahid Ahmed is contesting as an independent candidate without getting party nomination.

Momtaz Begum demanded cancellation of the candidature of rival candidate due to violation of code of conduct one after another, said that earlier Zahid Ahmed and his workers are influencing the voters with money and now with goods. He will make a written application to the Election Commission (EC) in this regard.

In the press conference, Mumtaz Begum said, ‘District Awami League President Golam Mohiuddin along with some senior leaders of the district and upazila level are working for independent candidates without participating in the party candidate’s campaign. It is not appropriate at all. He (Gholam Mohiuddin) cannot give such instructions. If so, I would like to inform the high command along with party president Sheikh Hasina and general secretary Obaidul Quader through the media that it is reasonable.

At this time Singair Upazila Awami League General Secretary Md. Shahidur Rahman, Harirampur Upazila Awami League President Golzar Hossain, District Awami League Youth and Sports Affairs Secretary Abid Hasan, Singair Municipal Mayor Abu Naeem Md. Basher and others were present.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Dewan Zahid Ahmed also made various allegations against the boat symbol candidate in the press conference. He said, ‘Boat candidate Mumtaz Begum and her workers are trying to disturb the fair environment in the election. Common voters are being intimidated by threats. However, party president Sheikh Hasina has said to make this election fair and neutral. The people who vote will be elected as members of Parliament. Threats will not help. But the boat candidate and his workers are creating chaos.’

Dewan Zahid said, “I have to go twice but Mumtaz Begum has to go once due to violation of code of conduct.” He also came on bond. Mumtaz Begum may seek cancellation of my candidature. I can also seek cancellation of his candidature. Which will be canceled or not, it is a matter of Election Commission. But no party should break the code of conduct. Boat candidate is only complaining without going to the voters. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that anyone of the party can contest as an independent candidate in this election. The workers of the boat are attacking his workers and threatening not to go to the polling stations to question the election.’

Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu said that most of the party leaders and workers are not with the boat candidate because of the ugly comments made with the party leaders and workers. He (individual candidate) is getting love from voters. If the elections are fair and impartial, he is 100% optimistic about winning.

Singair Upazila Awami League Joint General Secretary Saidul Islam with independent candidate Zahid Ahmed, local Bayra Union Parishad (UP) Chairman Dewan Md. Jinnah and his (Zahid) daughter Dewan Ilma Ahmed were present.

District Returning Officer’s office has informed that a total of 10 candidates are contesting in Manikganj-2 seat. Apart from the boat candidate, four independent candidates of the party are contesting in this seat. They are Dewan Zahid Ahmed (Truck), Dewan Safiul Arefin Tutul (Mora), Mushfiqur Rahman Khan (Kettle) and Sahabuddin Ahmed (Eagle). Apart from this, there are five other candidates from other parties in this seat.