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YouTube posted the first blog about the creator of Bangladesh

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In 2020, during the Corona epidemic, a new YouTube channel was launched by Radio Jockey or RJ Kibria. Name — Your address.

This is basically a new version of ‘Lost and Found’ program done by this friend on FM radio. Where stories of people separated from their families were heard. Within days it became a unique platform to find family too. In this way more than 400 events have been held in the last three years. And through this, about 350 people have been able to return to their families and relatives.

YouTube sees this as an extraordinary gesture of humanity and responsibility. According to the published blog, the channel has become popular because of all the unique stories of heartbreak and loved ones have been able to return to their families. And for this reason, YouTube, the world’s largest independent content creator, has published a special article about RJ Kibria.

Expressing his feelings on such recognition, Kibria told Independent Digital, ‘First of all, it’s a wonderful feeling. Because as far as I know, YouTube has never posted anything like this on their blog about any content creator from Bangladesh before. Secondly, Apan Adree is recognized internationally on a platform where recognized content from around the world is discussed. Such recognition from YouTube is a huge achievement for a content creator; which cannot be expressed in words.’

RK Kibria said, returning their relatives to their families through the ceremony is a unique event in the world. If YouTube wants to do similar programs in other countries of the world, Kibrea’s organization will give them proper support.

By the way, RJ Kibria’s full name is Md. Golam Kibria Sarkar. He started his career in radio in the late 1990s as a media worker. After that, he was regularly found in TV programs. However, in the past years, he has been creating regular content on YouTube. Through which he involved himself in several events. Meanwhile, your address has been praised internationally.


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