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Youth arrested while fleeing with patient’s money in Dubai

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Members of Ansar caught a young man named Farooq Mia (30) red-handed while running away with Tk 16,500 from the patient from Ward No. 109 of Dhaka Medical College (DMH) Hospital. At that time, money and three mobile phones were seized from him.

He was arrested and brought to the administrative block around 1:30 p.m. today, Thursday. Later he was handed over to the police camp.

Khorshed Alam, the husband of the affected patient, said that he took his sick wife from Chandpur Matlab and admitted him to ward number 109 of DMK. Today around noon, the person named Farooq Mia first said, he is my cousin. I say I don’t recognize you. Later he said – I will arrange all the treatments here for free. Then tell me – do you have 1000 rupees in change? Later, when I went to take money out of my pocket, he told me – no, you don’t need it. You give the money you have to your wife and go with me to the doctor. Then he took me to the second floor. She tells me you stand here I am coming. Saying this he came down the stairs. When I got suspicious, I hurried down and came in front of ward number 109. He saw me and ran away. Later, when I shouted, Ansar members ran and caught him.’

Khorshed also said, ‘He went to my wife and asked him to give me the money he left with you brother. When he did not want to pay, he forcibly took 16 thousand 500 taka from him and tried to run away. At this time, he was arrested by Ansar members on my shout. Later Ansar members arrested him and brought him to the administrative block.

Farooq Mia, who escaped with the money, said, ‘I am in debt, that’s why I did this. I admit that I was running away with the money. My house is in Gaibandha district. At present I live in Mugda Manda area.

When asked about this, the platoon commander (PC) of Ansar of Dhamek Hospital, Ujjal Bepari said, ‘Our Ansar members caught the thief red-handed while escaping with Tk 16,500 from the patient in ward number 109 of Dhaka Medical. Later he was brought to the administrative block. We handed him over to the police camp of the hospital on the instructions of the authorities.’

Bachchu Mia, inspector in charge of the police camp of DMH Hospital said, ‘Ansar members arrested a thief from the hospital and handed him over to our police camp. We have reported the matter to Shahbag police station. They actually we will hand over to them.’


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