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Young woman reported to the police for keeping marijuana in her ex’s car

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Many people suffer for a long time after breaking a relationship. Looking for opportunities for revenge. Some resorted to various strategies for this. A strange incident of revenge happened recently in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

According to Indian media reports, a young woman took a different strategy to trap her ex with her current boyfriend. She hid a packet of marijuana in her ex-boyfriend’s car and reported it to the police. The police believed the young woman at first. Then the real story came out. The police have already arrested 6 people, including the young woman and her current boyfriend, on the charge of framing in a false case.

According to the report of India Today, the young woman named Adhokja had a relationship with a young man named Shravan. They broke up a few months ago. After that, Adhokja got into a relationship with another young man named Deepak. But he could not accept the insult of breaking the previous relationship. To take revenge, he plans to frame Shravan in a false case. Her current boyfriend and four friends supported her in this plan.

As per plan, on Monday, Adhokja contacts Shravan and offers to forget old grudges and renew friendship. Call to meet at a park to clear up a misunderstanding. On reaching the front of the park, Adhokja, her boyfriend Deepak and four friends got into Shravan’s car. Adhoksha keeps Shravan busy with words. Meanwhile, friends hide packets of marijuana under the car seat. After talking to Shravan, Adhokshaja went to the local Jubilee Hills police station. He went there and complained that marijuana was being sold in a car in front of the park.

Meanwhile, Shravan gets suspicious of everyone coming together and Adhoksha’s random words. A thorough search of the car yielded a packet of marijuana. Immediately Shravan also went to Jubilee Hills police station and reported the whole incident to the police. In view of this, the police interrogated the youth, his lover and friends on Tuesday. During the cross-examination, the young woman said that Shravan used to talk about her ‘character’ during the relationship. This plan to frame the case to take revenge.

A case has been filed against 6 people including Adhokja and her current boyfriend Deepak in this incident. The police have already arrested them.


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