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Young woman gets nose job to save job, then…

by Afonso
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A young receptionist in China was advised by the owner to have a nose job to make her look more beautiful. The young woman claims that she even started applying pressure. He agreed to undergo surgery to save his job. For this he took a loan from the company. However, the company fired him a few days after the surgery. The young victim complained that the purpose of the company was to give loans at high interest.

The young victim of fraud said that she joined the institution on November 21 as a receptionist. Then the two owners of the company asked him to have a nose surgery. This will make the young woman more attractive, which will be useful in her professional life. He agreed to save the job even though he didn’t do it in the beginning. He took a loan of 25,000 yuan (Tk. 387,000 in Bangladeshi currency) at high interest from that company.

The South China Morning Post reports that the incident took a dramatic turn after the surgery. The young woman was cut off by those who had operated on her words. First, he was removed from reception and given the position of consultant. After a few days, he dropped out of that job due to the pressure of the organization.

At present, the unemployed young lady has to pay huge amount of interest every month. The claim of the young woman was that the purpose of the company’s executives was to give high interest loans. The whole thing happened so fast that he didn’t realize the deception. However, nothing was known about this from the organization.


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