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Young man killed for objecting to his wife’s making of Insta-reels

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Maheshwar Rai (25) has been accused of killing a young man in Begusarai, Bihar, India by his in-laws. According to the police, the young man was killed by his in-laws because he objected to his wife’s making a reel video on Instagram.

This news has been reported in a report of Indian media NDTV.

According to the police, the incident took place in Fafaut village of Begusarai in Bihar last night. The 25-year-old youth, Maheshwar Rai, was working as a laborer in Kolkata. Recently returned home. When he came home, he found his wife engrossed in making reels of video. The young man objected to this. There was an argument between them.

Then last night the young man went to his father-in-law’s house. After going there, the young man’s brother Rudal made a phone call to look for him. At that time someone else receives his call and talks to that person on the other side of the phone. Rudal then went to his brother’s in-laws. On reaching there, he found the dead body of his brother Maheshwar Rai.

Police said the woman has 9,500 followers on Instagram and has posted more than 500 reels.

The father of the slain youth alleged that his son was hanged to death for objecting to the making of reels. When he reached his son’s in-laws house, he did not find anyone from that house including his son’s wife. Later the police was informed. The police recovered the body and sent it to the hospital for post-mortem.

The family alleged that when they reached the spot, they found four persons trying to dump the body on the pretext of taking it to the hospital.


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