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You can make kholaja pitha in winter morning

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Kholajali or Kholaja pitha is very popular and traditional pitha of Noakhali region. In addition to Noakhali, Feni, Laxmipur district, neighboring Comilla, and some areas of Chittagong district are very common and popular. This pitha is traditionally made in a clay oven. The white colored pita is round in appearance, has numerous small pores and is chewy or fluffy to eat.

This pitha is very similar to another traditional Chiti pitha of the country. Kholajali Pitha is also called a thinner version of Chiti Pitha. For this reason this pitha is also called thin chitai. This Kholajali Pitha of Noakhali looks a lot similar to Dosa, a popular dish of South India, but tastes a little different. The big difference with Chitai Pitha is that eggs are added to it. Gave the recipe of this interesting cake Umme Habiba Sultana Bipashaред

All you need to make kholaja pitha
Rice flour, yolk, hot water, salt, egg and clay to make pita. It is very good to have a clay oven. Because the taste of the pita becomes chench in the clay oven. But you can make this pita in a gas oven too.

How to make pita
First, a batter should be made by adding rice powder and salt to taste in warm water. Then mix the eggs lightly. After mixing the eggs, do not beat too much. That means the batter will not be too thick. After that, the clay should be placed in the oven. When it is hot, cover it evenly with the previously prepared batter. After two minutes, remove the lid. Diameter is ready. This pita is very interesting to eat with jhal jhal meat.


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