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You can give some discounts in the new year

by Afonso
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Let’s calculate the last 15 days of December last year. Walking on the street, you must have seen various kinds of discount billboards. Big board of big company, small board of small company. Some 20 percent discount, some 23 or 25 percent. Some give discount on winter clothes, some give again thinking of summer. Discounts are even available for studies!

Many of us are waiting for this discount trap. Bekhappa also buys clothes and shoes and says that they fit a little less. Sometimes I read greedily. Yes, if I spend another 500 rupees, I will get another shirt. Maybe not needed right now. But the temptation to buy less and fill the wardrobe is terrible for the middle class.

People of all wealth in this country look for discounts. So lower class people have eyes on TCB trucks. Rice, dal, flour, oil at a discount there. Driving a little longer or eating a little Petpur is the main reason to stand behind this discount truck.
All in all, discounting is a concept that is ingrained in our lives. We live at a discount, stumble and fall, but dream of getting back up in a discounted life. So why not just year-end discounts throughout the year?

It is not bad if discounts are available in several cases from the beginning of the new year. Suppose, the price of potatoes and onions suddenly doubled in the market one morning. But if the discount matches the previous price? Tell me whether it will be good or not!

Or oil was not available in the market. Before a religious festival, you may have been scrambling to find a bottle of oil. If someone confirms the presence of a bottle of oil in the nearby shop with a discount on the flow of sweat that your body secretes, will the mind not be relieved at that discount? Or the bloodless process of cutting another’s throat while keeping one’s own throat, if the concerned people please give a little discount, wouldn’t life be a little easier?

The discount may be on the behavior of the rich boy next door’s rising age or the dashing speed of his motorbike. Maybe you could walk on the sidewalk with your child a little more independent. On the other hand, another mother may not have to accept the body of her child killed in a road accident from the morgue. It can happen. Although the other name of our life is speed, but who doesn’t know how many people fall before they emerge at this high speed!

Well, can’t you discount my personal negative behavior? Maybe given a discount for misbehaving with other family members. No one will have to shed tears. One will surely have a good night’s sleep in peace. A chain reaction of unrest may end in the beginning. Any of your subordinates in the office will surely not suffer from helpless regret as to why they cannot leave the job when they return home. A small smile may appear on the face of the lower-ranking employee in your business. Even that one chilling smile will give birth to a little extra comfort in this world for your welfare. Just courtesy of your 20 or 30 percent discount!

Exemption is granted for any violent behavior, acts of unduly crushing others. If you give a big discount on the activities of physical torture without hearing the disturbing behavior, crooked comments or words of the prominent representatives of the patriarchal society, if you see someone of the opposite sex (women of course in this country), but many disturbances in the society will be reduced in an instant.

You can give 50 or 100 percent discount in power struggle and bragging. It will totally depend on you. Since its origin and supply are all in your hands, the percentage discount you give is also only your wish. The more concessions you make, the happier you will be. Don’t you want to agree to this simple condition of happiness?

Discounting to the extent of tolerance is also under your sole control. Not only the people around you, but all the animals in the pasture will get relief. This discount can be given in all cases. Maybe your housekeeper took a day off without telling you, just accept it. Or the brother and sister with the rickshaw wanted five rupees more. You can give the gift of laughter with a discount. Who knows, maybe someone else, somewhere else, will receive an unexpected smiley face in response to your smile!

But many areas of discounting have become known. If you want to say, you can say more. It will do nothing but increase the length of writing. Rather, decide first, how much discount you are willing to give now for the reluctance to give a discount on the above! That will give you an idea of ​​how much you really want to roll over the year-end discount throughout the year.

On the first day of the new year, you can get to know yourself a little better, right?

Author: Deputy Editor, Digital Department, Independent Television


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