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Xavi decided to leave Barcelona after 60 years before scoring 5 goals

by Afonso
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Xavi Hernández’s post-match impression of a devastated man, ‘It (the Barcelona job) is terrible for mental health, for confidence… at some point it seems there’s no point in continuing.’

Barcelona lost 5-3 against Villarreal last night. Barcelona scored five goals at home for the first time since 1963. After such a shameful loss, Xavi said that the Catalans will have to look for a new coach in July. And he cannot take the burden of Barcelona.

Xavi changed Barcelona’s fortunes in La Liga by taking charge in November 2021. Won the Spanish Super last season, also won the league title. He had to play in the Europa League after being left out of the Champions League for two consecutive years. This season he broke the cycle of failure, Barcelona will now play in the last sixteen of the Champions League.

But the opposite is happening in domestic football. Barca lost 4–1 to Real Madrid in the Super Cup final, losing to Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey. After yesterday’s loss, Barcelona is 10 points behind Madrid in the league.

The defense that was relied upon by Shavi after taking over is sinking now. Barcelona has scored 29 goals in the league so far. No other team in the top ten conceded so many goals.

Xavi, however, says criticism from all sides played a major role in the decision, ‘I thought about the club… and above all about the players. I feel like I’m doing the right thing, my common sense is working. I think the atmosphere of the club needs to change, the atmosphere is very negative at the moment.’

Shavi says his departure was predictable. And he already made the decision, ‘It’s been the case with all the coaches at this club, there’s no (Alex) Ferguson born in Barcelona.’ I had a solution two years and three months ago, but my heart says it would be best for the club to leave on June 30.’

Meanwhile, the coach’s announcement stunned the players. Xavi himself said that he did not tell the players anything. After the match, Frankie De Jong took the blame for Barcelona’s poor performance, saying, ‘We have full confidence in the coaching staff, it’s the players’ fault.’

Defender Ronald Araujo also spoke in the same tone, ‘after he came we learned a lot, we became champions. It’s almost the same team, only a few more players have been added.’


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