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Women’s empowerment has increased, poverty rate has decreased

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War-torn Bangladesh in 1971 was one of the poorest countries in South Asia. However, Bangabandhu’s various initiatives increased the per capita income from 94 to 278 dollars in just 3 and a half years. GDP growth is 9 percent. After 53 years of victory, the per capita income increased to 2 thousand 765 dollars. The target of gross national product is 7.50 percent.

In addition, the empowerment of women has increased and the poverty rate has decreased. Apart from increase in average life expectancy, per capita income, the country has also achieved significant success in various economic indicators.

However, although the GDP growth and per capita income did not improve much in the first three decades of independence, the continuous development of the last century has reached a new level. The country is now self-sufficient in food. After the construction of advanced infrastructure including Padma bridge, third terminal, tunnels, Bangladesh is in the era of metro rail.

Planning Minister MA Mannan said, ‘We have planned to go to Qatar, a developed country by 1941. In the meantime, we have achieved many things including reducing poverty, education rate, child mortality. But to continue this trend, we have to get out of the politics of violence and destruction.’

Meanwhile, economists say that the country has improved in the socio-economic sector. However, political division and personal corruption are major obstacles to development.

Economist and development thinker. Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad said, ‘We have progressed in several economic indicators in the last decade. We are still progressing very well. However, due to the high political division, many cases have to be faced with obstacles. But if everyone goes beyond individual interests and prioritizes the interests of the country, then we will be able to build the foundation of a stronger economy.’

Even developed countries are struggling to deal with global crises like the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war. However, Bangladesh has maintained its economic progress by confronting these issues.


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