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Women workers are subjected to torture while working abroad

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Many women workers are subjected to physical-mental and sexual abuse by going to work abroad in the hope of family prosperity. In Saudi Arabia, 17.1 percent of women workers are forced to flee each year due to sexual harassment. An average of three to four thousand women are forced to return a year. But most of them do not have a place in the family after returning to the country. Immigration activists say that the resettlement of these women is necessary.

A woman of Narsingdi wanted some relief in the world of poverty and misery. After collecting 60,000 rupees with great difficulty, he moved to Saudi Arabia. But after reaching Saudi, he was subjected to terrible torture and persecution. The owner of the house and his son were raped several times. Even after returning home, there was no place for the children.

The female worker who suffered torture said, “I was subjected to such torture when I went to Saudi that I can’t get out of bed.”

Let’s say her name is Rita. After going to the Middle East to work as a domestic worker, the suffering came down. Even after being raped by the householder’s son, he escaped, but was not saved. The owner of the house found it and handed it over to the police. Jail for seven years.

Another spoke of regular beatings. Along with the torture of housewives, they have to go without food day after day. Even back home, there was no place for relatives. Forced to choose the work of a domestic worker.

From 1991 to 2023, 1.2 million women workers went abroad. Many of them returned home due to excessive work pressure, physical, mental and sexual abuse. Many women activists died due to torture abroad.

According to the data of Bangladesh Women Lawyers Association, 73 percent of women workers are forced to go abroad as laborers due to poverty. 44 percent of them went to Saudi Arabia. 17.1 percent ran away after being sexually assaulted. 37 percent were forced to return home due to salary arrears. 47 percent of women do not have a future plan when they return.

Shakerul Islam, Chairman of Migrant Worker Development Program (OKAP), said that if a female worker returns to the country with physical or mental problems from abroad, her physical and mental stability must be ensured after coming to the country.

BRAC’s Head of Migration Shariful Hasan said that the house owners who are torturing women workers abroad should be brought under punishment. Otherwise another worker will suffer the same situation even if he goes.

Many of these women migrant workers also suffer from long-term psychological imbalances. However, there is no coordinated government and private initiative in their rehabilitation.

Every year an average of 3 to 4 thousand women workers return home after being cheated. The immigration officials urged to rehabilitate them by training them in various jobs.


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