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Women are taking part in Japan’s nudity festival for the first time

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Historical festival of Japan ‘Hadaka Matsuri’. Men used to participate almost naked in this festival which lasted for 1650 years. Women are participating in this festival for the first time. Hong Kong-based media South China Morning Post reported this information.

It is said that this festival is celebrated in Japan every year on the third Saturday of February at Saidaiji Kanonin Temple. Although the name of the festival is called Naked Festival, the participants here are not completely naked. They wear a cloth called ‘Fandosi’ in Japanese and a pair of white socks called ‘Tabi’ on their feet.

About 10 thousand people participate in this festival every year. This time 40 women are getting a chance to participate in it. But they will have clothes on. These women will participate in a special program of the festival.

Mitsugu Katayama, official of the festival organizing committee, said, ‘We have not been able to hold the festival for the past three years due to the epidemic. Many women of the city requested to participate in this festival. Earlier there was no ban on women participating in this festival. But earlier women used to stay away from this festival.’

This nude festival is held in Japan to bring abundant harvest, prosperity and fertility. The youth of the country also participated in the festival.

During the festival around 10 pm, the priests throw 100 sticks. Those who get this stick consider themselves lucky. They think that if they get this wand, they will have a good time in the coming year.


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