Home News Without the involvement of the youth society, the implementation of the goals is not possible

Without the involvement of the youth society, the implementation of the goals is not possible

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On the occasion of International Women’s Violence Prevention and World Human Rights Day (November 25 – December 10, 2023), a debate competition was held at the initiative of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. On December 7, a competition was held in Anwara Begum Munira Khan Auditorium on the topic of ‘Women-sensitive laws or investments are needed to prevent women’s abuse’. This debate competition was held by the joint initiative of the Central Committee of the organization and Dhaka University Debating Society.

The president of the central committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Dr. Fawzia Muslim. The opening speech was given by Reena Ahmed, Deputy Secretary of Training, Research and Library of the organization, General Secretary Maleka Banu gave the welcome speech. Conducted by Afrauza Arman, research officer of the training, research and library sub-council of the organization.

In the welcome speech, General Secretary Maleka Banu said, ‘The main goal of the women’s movement to establish equality between men and women worldwide is the involvement of the young society. It is not possible to achieve the goals of the organization without an energetic young society. In order to build a modern, rational, science-based and gender-friendly society, it is essential to make the youth more realistic and rational through debate competitions.

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Joint General Secretary Seema Moslem, Deputy Attorney General Amit Dasgupta, Dhaka University Television, Film and Photography Department Assistant Professor Habiba Rahman and Dhaka University Debating Society President Md. Mahbubur Rahman Masum and General Secretary Fuad Hossain were present as judges of the debate competition.

Among the members of Dhaka University debating society in the debate competition were Fariha Nausheen, Taslima Tarif Nabila, Mosaddeka Afrin Dola, Abrar Tanim, Mehedi Hasan in the ‘Party’ team. Nahida Sultana, Aliya Sultana Taru, Habibur Rahman Jihad, Mehdi Hasan Siddiqui, Maysha Maliha were in the ‘opposition’ team. In the debate competition, the party wins. Abrar Tamim was the first best speaker of the side team, Mehdi Hasan the team leader was the second best speaker and Maysha Maliha of the opposition team was the third best speaker.


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