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Without shelter, Gazans spend their days next to piles of garbage

by Afonso
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Israel’s invasion of Gaza. Displaced, destitute residents suffering from fear of death, shortage of daily necessities including food, water and medicine. In this situation, many Palestinians have been forced to take shelter on the side of the road. However, due to the collapse of urban management, their suffering has increased due to the stench of garbage on the side of the road, and diseases are increasing.

According to a report by the British news agency Reuters, the city of Deir-al-Balah in Gaza was destroyed by Israel’s aggression. Almost every road has turned into a garbage dump.

After the Israeli attack, many Palestinians were forced to live under the open sky by the roadside, unable to find a place in the refugee camps. But they are fed up with the stench of garbage.

A displaced Palestinian says, ‘I came here after being displaced from Nusairat. Having to live in tents because there is no space. Lots of garbage around. The stench is suffocating. Along with various health problems, I am suffering from mental fatigue.

Since the start of the Israeli attack, the city management has collapsed. Waste not removed. Complaining to the municipal authorities did not work, say the locals. Diseases are spreading in dirty environment.

According to another Palestinian, this has been the case since the start of the war. In addition to the sound of bombings and explosions, garbage, stench and disease are spreading. Children and the elderly are the most affected. Despite repeatedly informing the municipality, they did not take any action.

The mayor of Deir al-Balah city in Gaza, Diab al-Jarou, said that the services that the locals received before the war are no longer possible. Because we are facing many shortages. Among these is the staffing crisis, which goes without saying.

Not only in Deir-al-Balah, but in almost every city in Gaza. Due to the war, the people of these vulnerable areas are deprived of emergency services.


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