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Without Mrinal Sen, I would not have come into cinema: Anjan Dutt

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On the seventh day (January 26) of the 22nd Dhaka International Film Festival, Anjan Dutt’s movie ‘Chalchitra Naq’ starring Mrinal Sen was screened at the National Museum. Filmmaker Anjan was also present at Bangmata Sheikh Fazilatunnecha Mujib Auditorium at the screening of the film at 5 pm that day. He spoke to the audience before the start of the movie. After the film, he participated in the press conference. There is a lot of talk about the film.

Anjan Dutt made his acting debut with Mrinal Sen’s ‘Chalchitra’ in 1981. Singer-producer-actor Anjan has revealed some of the events and personal experiences of the 25 days before and after the shooting of this film with the legendary director in ‘Chalchitra Now’. Before the movie started in the auditorium, he said, ‘If it wasn’t for Mrinal Sen, I wouldn’t have come to the movie. He opened the door to cinema in my world. I had no desire to do movies, he almost forced me into movies. And then gradually I became his assistant. I am an actor, I wrote his story, screenplay, co-producer and friend.’

At the beginning of these words, Anjan Dutt expressed his excitement about the exhibition of the movie in Dhaka. Tell about his love for Dhaka. As he has expressed earlier in the song. Anjan believes that half of his fans are from Bangladesh. That is why he has a different feeling around Dhaka like Kolkata.

At this time, Anjan Dutt said, “He (Mrinal Sen) is a hundred years old. I felt that something should be done on my part. Mrinal Sen has not appeared in any of my songs, movies or theatre. I don’t know why he didn’t come. He is so personal that it took me a while to see him from a distance. How can I make a movie about him if I don’t see him from afar? Mrinal Sen is a huge man, I cannot say that. He is human, human like us, funny human. He gave and taught a lot. But I did not see him as a great person. As a human being, that is a great achievement for me. So it took time to make a movie about him.’

After that the film is now exhibited. Anjan Dutt played the role of Mrinal Sen in it. There are also Shaun Chakraborty, Suprabhat Das, Vidipta Chakraborty and others. At the end of the film, applause echoed throughout the auditorium. Then Anjan Dutt faced the journalists.

Talking about the film, he said, ‘He (Mrinal Sen) had a lot of political differences with me, has and will have. Yet he was the closest person to me. He was dearer than my father, dearer to me than anything. But we had completely different views from a political point of view. I will not say completely; Because it should not be said completely. Any educated person is a little left-leaning. But he used to say, he is a private Marxist. Means a personal Marxist. And in my case, it seems that socialism does not stand anywhere in the real sense. That is abuse of power. These were two different doctrines, yet we were friends.’

Anjan Dutt (left) in Chalachitra Now Movie Scenes, Photo: Collected

He added, ‘I have put this conflict in the movie. It could have been omitted, but I didn’t. With Mrinal Sen, one could stand in the opposite opinion. And two different people, he accepted. He has no habit of his own, but has worked all his life with a man of a different ideology (his cinematographer KK Mahajan). He never drank a single drink in his life, but K.K. Mahajan was a heavy drinker. How do two people work together? This is what he did to draw another person close to himself. Anyway, I did that in my film too. I think at one point it can make the viewer uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s discomfort in that sense, but I got into a debate about the picture.’

Incidentally, 250 films from 74 countries including Bangladesh. Out of this 129 feature films, 123 short and independent films. And there are 71 films of Bangladesh. The festival will come down tomorrow on January 28.


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