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With those who hope for ministry in Brahmanbaria

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina appointed a minister from Brahmanbaria in the 11th National Parliament. He is the current Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Anisul Haque. There is a strong possibility that Sheikh Hasina, who will become the Prime Minister for the fourth time through the 12th National Assembly elections, will keep Anisul Haque in the same ministry. The new cabinet is expected to be announced on Thursday.

Party leaders and ordinary people of the district believe that there may be two more from Brahmanbaria in the new cabinet. Apart from the current Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Anisul Haque, who else from Brahmanbaria is getting a place in the cabinet is going on for the last two days.

In 2014, Anisul Haque was elected an unopposed Member of Parliament from Brahmanbaria-4 (Kasba-Akhaura) constituency. He was made the Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs in that government. Anisul Haque, a prominent lawyer of the country, was nominated in that election and after discussions spread, he became the law minister in the next government. After winning the 2018 election, he was made the minister of the same ministry. Anisul Haque scored a hat-trick in the victory. Hattrick will remain unbroken even in the ministry – such is the talk in his constituency Kasba-Akhaura.

In 2014, Awami League’s senior leader Advocate Chayedul Haque, elected 5 times Member of Parliament of Brahmanbaria-1 (Nasirnagar) Constituency, was appointed Fisheries and Animal Resources. He was previously elected Member of Parliament in 1973, ’96, 2001 and 2008. He passed away during the last period of the government. In the previous three eras, there was no full minister in the district.

As always, the people of Brahmanbaria Sadar are hoping to get the ministry. Social media reflects that hope. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s former private secretary RM Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury has been elected to this seat for the 4th time. In 2011, he was elected as the first Member of Parliament in Brahmanbaria-3 by-election. The issue of getting his ministry was linked to the election campaign. This was the main slogan of the workers-supporters in the campaign ‘Winning only the Minister’. Even the responsible leaders of the district and center then said that Moqtadir will become the minister only if he passes. But in the end the ministry did not meet. Although since then every time the people of Sadar and the party leaders expect his ministry in terms of merit.

Brahmanbaria Sadar has been deprived of ministry since 1996. Prior to this, during Ziaur Rahman’s tenure, Sadar resident Doctor Faridul Huda was the State Minister of Health. And advocate Humayun Kabir was deputy minister during Ershad government.

In 2008, Member of Parliament Captain (Retd.) AB Tajul Islam elected from Brahmanbaria-6 (Bancharampur) constituency was made the Minister of State for Freedom Fighter Affairs. He was the only minister in the district in that government. Later, after being elected Member of Parliament in 2014 and 2018, the people of Bancharampur were hopeful about his ministry for good reason. Captain (retd.) AB Tajul Islam was elected as a member of Parliament for the fifth time. In 1996, he was elected as the first Member of Parliament. After that he was elected Member of Parliament for four consecutive times.

In the history of the ministry in the district, in 1978, Nabinagar’s son Habibullah Khan was the Minister of Information and Radio. After independence, he was the only one who got the full ministership of the people of Brahmanbaria. Going further back, in 1956, Abdur Rahman Khan, a resident of the district town Puniaut, was the jute minister. When BNP came to power in 1991, Sadar MP Advocate Haroon Al Rashid was made the State Minister. After that, when BNP came to power in 2001, the competition between uncle and nephew started for the ministry. Due to the conflict between uncle Mushfiqur Rahman and nephew Haroon Al Rashid, in the end none of them got the ministry. Lawyer Abdus Sattar Bhuiyan, a resident of Sarail in the district, was made the state minister during the period of the BNP government. He gave up the Brahmanbaria-2 (Sarail-Ashuganj) seat to Mufti Fazlul Haque Amini in favor of a 4-party alliance. After that Sattar was given ministry as a reward.

However, in the 2001 election, one of the campaigns of the supporters of former secretary Mushfiqur Rahman, candidate for the 4-party alliance in Brahmanbaria-4 (Kasba-Akhaura) seat, was ‘Mushfiqur Bhai will be the minister, we all want him’. During the ninth parliamentary elections in 2008, there were rumors that if the Awami League came to power, Lutful Hai Satchu, the most respected politician in the district, was sure to become a minister. Despite defeating BNP’s influential leader Harun Al Rashid by a margin of about 80 thousand votes, the veteran politician of the district did not get a place in the cabinet. Then the member of parliament elected from Bancharampur was made the state minister.

Then in May 2010, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited Brahmanbaria, the prime minister’s attention was drawn widely for making Satchu a minister by festooning banners with slogans such as ‘People of Brahmanbaria dream that Satchu Bhai will be a minister’. A few months later, Advocate Satchu passed away.


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