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With the severity of winter, children’s cold-related diseases are increasing in Barishal

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The temperature in Barisal has been hovering around 10 degrees Celsius for several days. Barisal recorded the lowest temperature in the country on Monday. As the severity of winter increases, cold-related diseases are increasing in this region. Children are more affected by it.

Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital has seen 5,500 patients in the last two weeks. 7 children died during this time. Among the remaining 5 districts of the division, the incidence of cold-related diseases including pneumonia, diarrhea is high. Doctors say, there is no room for neglect in these diseases.

Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital’s outpatient department has 4 paediatricians serving more than 400 patients every day. There are 290 patients on average in children’s ward against 45 beds.

Relatives of the patients say that in most cases they bring the patients to the hospital with symptoms of fever, cold, cough and shortness of breath. Despite receiving good services, they said that there is a shortage of beds.

Meanwhile, more than two hundred children are admitted in the remaining 5 district headquarters hospitals of Barisal division. Among them, the most pressure is on Bhola. There are 77 children admitted with pneumonia, diarrhea and cold-related diseases.

Doctors have advised to take the child to the hospital avoiding medical treatment for the speedy recovery of the patient. Dr. Barisal Sher-i-Bangla Medical College Head of Children’s Department. Uttam Kumar Saha told Independent Television, if the chest is breaking, it is difficult to breathe or if the child is not eating well, then it should be taken to the doctor immediately.

Health director of Barisal advised not to go out of the house in winter without the need of children and elderly. Shyamal Krishna Mandala. He said that with the severity of winter, the number of patients increased and the pressure on the hospitals increased. In this situation, care should be taken to ensure that the people suffering from various diseases are not given local treatment in winter.

Besides wearing warm clothes, doctors also advised not to take children out of the house until the sun rises.


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