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Winter is sitting in the corner of the eye, thick fog will remain until morning

by Afonso
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Since the rains caused by Cyclone Migjaum have stopped, winter has started to creep in. The people of the district are getting the feeling of winter as the temperature is falling. There is thick fog from late night till morning. The temperature dropped to 17 degrees Celsius. After the sun rises, the temperature gradually increases slightly.

The hardworking people are in trouble in the winter due to cold and fog. There is no end to the suffering of people who have to leave their homes early in the morning in the hope of earning income, such as vegetable sellers, pie sellers, day laborers and other professions with low income. They are saying that it is difficult for them to leave the house in the cold for two days.

At the beginning of winter, when asked how the days are going in such a cold weather, a day laborer said, ‘Very cold. We can’t go out. poor people If we don’t work, we don’t have food. very cold I went out with raw materials. Bishan is suffering.’

Meanwhile, due to dense fog, the ferry service has been temporarily stopped in Manikganj’s Paturia-Daulatdia and Aricha-Kazirhat waterways to avoid accidents. Seven passenger buses and half a hundred trucks waiting to cross the river are stuck in it. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) Aricha office manager Abdus Salam said that ferry traffic will be normal if the fog density decreases.


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