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Windshield cracked, plane flight returned after 2 hours

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A Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight returned to the capital’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport after a 2-hour flight due to a cracked windshield after leaving for Saudi Arabia. Biman’s Boeing 787 aircraft left for Dammam at 4.30 pm on Saturday. All 285 passengers and 12 crew members of the flight are unharmed.

It is learned that the pilot noticed a crack in the windshield while the plane was mid-air. The flight was crossing Indian airspace at that time. In this situation, the captain decided to return to Dhaka without taking any risk.

Biman Public Relations General Manager Tahera Khandkar said, ‘The flight left for Dammam at 4:30 pm on Saturday. After two hours of flying, the captain noticed a crack in the windshield. Later he came back with it. The flight did not go to Dammam. It backed up at 8pm that day.’

Tahera said, ‘The 285 passengers of the flight were kept in a hotel at night. Later, they were sent to Dammam on another flight at 11 am on Sunday.

He also said that the damaged aircraft is being repaired in the Shahjalal hangar.

Earlier in February 2022, a Boeing 737 aircraft was grounded in Malaysia after its windshield broke. Another Boeing Dreamliner departing for Doha in August of the same year faced the same problem mid-air. Later it was brought back to Dhaka from Indian airspace.

A broken windshield on an aircraft while in the air can cause a loss of pressure inside the flight, causing it to become unbalanced. This increases the risk of accidents.


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