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Will the elections bring stability to Pakistan?

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If everything goes well, Pakistan’s national elections are scheduled to be held next Thursday. This election is taking place amid ongoing political and economic turmoil in the country. Even February 8 elections were confirmed a few days ago. Pakistan will be stable for about 24 million people in this election? It is now a question of crores of rupees.

Several more questions of crores of rupees are coming forward around Pakistan elections. Will the army be able to maintain the same influence in Pakistan after the elections? Will ice melt in relations with neighboring India?

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the influence of the military in the government will be strengthened through this election. And the country’s political instability seems to increase. Even the analysts think that relations with India will not be normal. In some cases, the relationship can be rather bad.

Another neighboring country, Afghanistan, is now under the control of the Taliban. Tension is going on with Pakistan on the border with them. It is expected to continue.

Elections are being held in Pakistan at a time when former Prime Minister Imran Khan is in jail. It is believed that the military is behind his imprisonment. And the 8th election is being held in Pakistan after receiving the green signal from the high-ranking officials of that army.

Analysts say that high-ranking officers of the army want Imran Khan not to come to power. But even with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan in jail, his party still poses a major challenge to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Political analysts believe that no party will get a single majority in the upcoming national elections. Former Pakistani ambassador Hussain Haqqani said that Pakistan should come to the government after forming an alliance. It has happened before. This trend will continue.

The National Election Commission of Pakistan has said that a total of 12.8 million voters will vote in this election. The elections in Punjab province are expected to change all calculations. The area has been considered as Imran Khan’s ‘Apan Ghar’ for a long time. Even former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is there.

Another political analyst of Pakistan, former senator Afrasiab Khattak, says that if the number of voters in the province is high, it affects the national elections. This is the case in Pakistan. Forming a government will not be difficult if Punjab is in hand.

PTI recently lost its party symbol cricket bat. What is to be seen now is what Imran’s team ‘plays’ with. Analysts say that PTI will do well in the elections if it can take full advantage of social media.

However, the leaders of Imran’s party will have to fight the election after being divided. There is no party symbol.

But initially it is thought that Nawaz Sharif’s party will come to power. Many say, he will be the prime minister again. Nawaz has been Prime Minister of Pakistan four times before. But could never fulfill the responsibility. Had to go to jail for corruption. Before Imran Khan came to power, he was also sentenced in 2018.

Nawaz Sharif is a strong competitor in Pakistan's national election this year.  Photo: ReutersPolitical analyst former senator Afrasiab Khattak says, ‘The way the judiciary and administration are organized, the activities they are running, it seems that Imran Khan’s party PTI will not win the election. This election may not be transparent.’

Asked whether this election will create a stable political environment in Pakistan, Afrasiab Khattak said, fair elections, in which the people will be represented; That election can restore stability in Pakistan.

Former Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqqani says, ‘There were many questions about the fairness of the previous 11 national elections. The election on February 8 will also be like this. If the politics of Pakistan is not in the hands of politicians, then this situation will not change.’

One group will come to power through coalition, another group will pull them down – this is the politics of Pakistan, Haqqani thinks. He said, there is America’s debt in it. It will make the situation worse.

Analysts feel that neighboring India will never be a friend as Pakistan’s politics are in the hands of high-ranking army officers. Not even an election. Because it is assumed that the ‘hardline Hindutva’ Narendra Modi will be in power in the Indian national elections in April and May.

In this regard, Samir Lalwani, an analyst of the United States Institute of Peace, a think tank based in Washington, said, ‘Even if the conflict subsides, it seems that the relationship between the two countries will not be normal. However, as India is more focused on the Chinese border, the conflict has decreased.

According to former Pakistani ambassador Hussain Haqqani, nothing will change in this election in Pakistan. India will move ahead economically. Pakistan will be stuck in the fence. America will try to strike a balance. And China will just say to Pakistan, ‘We are on your side!’


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