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Will not hesitate to take further action: Biden

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US President Joe Biden said he would not hesitate to take further action against the Houthis after a joint attack by US and British forces on Houthi rebel positions in Yemer. British media BBC reported that he gave this warning in a written statement.

In a written statement, Biden said, “Today (Thursday local time) we have taken defensive measures in response to increased Houthi attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea.”

Biden added, America and its allies will not tolerate attacks on our workers and will not allow freedom of movement on one of the world’s most important trade routes to be impeded.

“I will not hesitate to order further action as necessary to protect our people and to preserve the free flow of international trade,” the US president warned.

Yesterday, Thursday, America and Britain launched a massive attack targeting the Houthis’ installations in Yemen. Yemeni capital Sanaa, the Red Sea port, Dhamar and Houthi strongholds in the northwestern region were reported to have been attacked by the armies of the two countries on Thursday local time. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

The Houthi rebel group has been attacking commercial ships bound for Israel through the Red Sea since the start of a brutal attack by Israeli forces on the Palestinian territory of Gaza in October last year. In response to those attacks, America and Britain launched a direct attack.

A US official told the BBC that the attacks targeted Houthi weapons depots and command centers. He said, bombings were carried out targeting the military installations of the Houthis. In addition, powerful Tomahawk cruise missiles are launched from the ship. Besides, warplanes have also been used in this attack.

Before this, last Tuesday night, the Houthi rebels carried out the largest ever attack on a commercial ship in the Red Sea. At least 50 commercial ships were damaged in the attack, US officials said.


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