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Wife killed for delay in making tea

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A man killed his wife by cutting off her head with a sword because she was late in making tea. Such an incident happened in Bhojpur village of Ghaziabad near Delhi, India.

According to the report of the Indian media NDTV, the accused Dharmaveer (52) has been arrested by the police for the murder of his wife Sundari.

According to the police, the murder took place due to an argument over tea. Dharmaveer was angry with his wife Sundari (50) for being late in making tea. After that, the conversation started between them. At that time their four children were sleeping in another room. Neighbors came forward when Dharmaveer started beating his wife. But before that, Dharmaveer cut off Sundari’s head with a sword.

Local police officer Gyan Prakash Roy said that Dharmaveer severed his wife’s entire head from her body. He died on the spot. A case has been registered in this incident.


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