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Why should I eat antibiotics like a bandage?

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We never eat muridi. Fill the mouth with handfuls. If you want to eat in abundance, you can eat only one bowl for a day. One of the reasons for not eating Muri Guna is its easy digestibility and low capacity to harm. But just like a handful of medicine cannot be eaten like a handful of medicine. Because it has both good and bad sides.

According to a recent study, many antibiotics have lost and are losing their effectiveness in our country. According to media reports, 10 first- and second-line antibiotics have lost 90% of their effectiveness against six of the deadliest bacteria. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University says this in a study. This result was obtained by examining samples of 72 thousand 670 patients who came to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) from different areas including the capital for one and a half years.

Researchers say, 10 antibiotics which are most common to destroy bacteria are not meeting the expected results. Of these, amoxacillin and ciprofloxacin do not work in 97% of cases. Even stronger drugs such as cefixime, ceftriaxone work in only 10% of patients. And due to the loss of antibiotic effectiveness against the bacteria, the patient takes longer to recover. Increasing medical expenses and loss of life.

The bottom line is that some of the antibiotics we use can still protect us. The disease takes time to heal and many cases do not.

Doctors say that among the bacteria that cause human illness in the world, Klebsiella, E-coli, and Salmonella are the most harmful. Due to these, various diseases including pneumonia, diarrhea, typhoid occur. And due to bacterial infection, 1 lakh 70 thousand people die every year in our country. Deaths will increase if antibiotic misuse is not reduced.

All the above information makes one thing clear as day. That is, antibiotics are being misused in this country. Although this discussion has been going on for several years in varying degrees. However, this time after the research of BSMMU, it is understood that the issue has not been resolved much in the discussion. Rather, the whole matter leads to a more complicated problem.

There are different levels of antibiotics. The problem is that in our country, besides the first and second, the use of reserved antibiotics has also become arbitrary. The condition is so serious that the doctors involved in the above study say it has reached the level of a crime. Experts say, if we continue to use reserved or reserve group antibiotics, there is a danger that these will soon become ineffective. Then when the infected patients come, they will be tested and found to be resistant to all antibiotics. Then there will be no more common treatment of the disease. Suppose you go for treatment with an infection, but no medicine can alleviate the illness. How helpless will feel then? Understand once!

Why such a situation? In the discussion of the concerned doctors, two aspects of this problem have emerged. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics is being advocated for little reason, say commentators. In addition to making the general public aware of the benefits of antibiotics, the careful role of professional doctors has become essential.

The problem starts from both sides. One side says to take antibiotics, sometimes arbitrarily. Otherwise, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sharfuddin Ahmed would not have urged all doctors to complete the correct diagnosis and give medicine. On the other hand, the other party is making it a habit after hearing that eating. So much so that antibiotic pills are sometimes mistaken for pills.

Symbolic imageTherefore, doctors and patients – both sides have equal contribution behind the current complex situation. There are at least several thousand times more half doctors than the number of MBBS passed doctors in this country! Yes, the amount will be thousands of times. It is hoped that the evidence will be found only by conducting a survey in this regard. Don’t even look at your family or acquaintances! You see, even if you get one passing doctor, you will get several half doctors with ‘real’ experience or Google knowledge. They may never have a medical degree, but in some cases you will find them more knowledgeable(!) than a specialist in diagnosing drugs. And many people of this country live according to such diagnosis.

How are these half doctors diagnosing? Because food can be bought according to that diagnosis. Although according to the law, there are no rules for selling drugs without a doctor’s prescription, but that rule means how many sellers? Running a pharmacy in this country is as easy as running a grocery store. By law, pharmacies are required to have pharmacists. He will determine which medicine can be given in what quantity by looking at the prescription. But in the pharmacy next to my house, the boy playing the role of salesman would be slightly above the minimum age of adulthood. In other words, in many cases, the sale of medicine is falling with HSC pass. The authorities seem to be indifferent to the proper implementation of the existing laws. But if the law is applied correctly, many problems are supposed to be solved.

This is the fault of our nature, the details of loopholes in the law. But there are some reasons behind the formation of personality defects. Well, do we get enough information from doctors? People get medical services in the public and private sector in this country. Say government, and private – the biggest crisis everywhere is that many of our doctors do not inform their patients about the disease. You don’t need to be an expert to make this statement, nor do you need to do a survey. Practical experience is enough for this. Once, when I told a chest doctor about my problem, he started writing prescriptions! He didn’t say a word until I asked him about my physical condition. Rather, he seemed annoyed after asking. After saying something, he showed the assistant who took his serial to know the details.

Symbolic imageThe condition of general patients in the medical field is quite pathetic from this point of view. The public complaint that most doctors are more interested in running tests and prescribing drugs is an old one. Instead of change, this complaint seems to be getting more prominent day by day. I have also seen that, asking about the disease, a patient may have heard that, ‘will you understand if you say it?’ That is, people with less understanding have no right to understand anything! Even if a patient has not passed MBBS, he definitely has the right to know details about his disease. He has that right even if he knows nothing about science. Doctors in the government sector are paid to report it. And since the patient buys the service in exchange of money in the private sector, it is the responsibility of the doctor to inform. In many cases, the doctors do not tell the patient about the type of medicine they are giving. Whether a patient is taking antibiotics, or vitamin tablets – that is usually known from the pharmacy. As a result, the bad habit of buying medicine from the pharmacy without seeing the doctor has also developed. But it is the doctor’s responsibility to explain these things. If all the doctors fulfill this duty properly, then the common people would not go to the pharmacy seller to get a shortcut treatment to avoid suffering. As a result, the banyan tree of irregularities was not grown by exploiting legal loopholes.

BSMMU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sharfuddin Ahmed too. He said that according to the law of the country, it is prohibited to sell antibiotics from any drug store without a prescription from a registered doctor. This law must be enforced. Awareness should be raised among people in this regard. Also it should be ensured that no doctor prescribes antibiotics without investigating the effectiveness.

That is, the path of passage is the same in reverse. How difficult it is to understand and accept!

Another thing. The problem surrounding antibiotics that has appeared in our country, is it only true for our country? no Many developed countries of the world are also suffering from this problem. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, antibiotics are being misused in the US as well. According to 2022 data, the CDC estimates that 28 percent of all antibiotic courses prescribed each year in the United States are misused. That is, there is no need to use antibiotics in these infections. In terms of numbers, the amount of this course is about 4 crore 70 lakhs.

Thus, it is understood that we are facing a global health crisis. Developed countries may be in crisis but they can make a comeback with money and infrastructure. But in emerging economies like our country, there is no change except eating food. And if that is true, we may have to fall into a worse situation than the corona epidemic. This is the opinion of the experts. But this crisis can be avoided if we are a little aware. If not, our future will be forehead pressing.

Author: Report Editor, Independent Television


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