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Why is it so cold all of a sudden?

by Afonso
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A mild cold current is flowing over different districts of the country. Severe winter is also felt in the districts where there is no cold current. In many places, the sun is not seen for several days. Normal life has become difficult due to severe cold.

The people of the entire country including the capital are now overcome by the winter in the cold wind of the north.

According to Met office, sunlight is not reaching the surface due to heavy fog. That is why the ground and buildings are cold day and night. As a result severe cold is felt. Experts say the thickness of fog is increasing due to climate change and it is not going away. According to the researchers, the loss of vegetation and water bodies is also felt more cold.

Meteorologist Abdur Rahman Khan said, sunshine will come after another four-five days. In the meantime, there is fear of rain. Then the fog will clear. Once the fog clears, the cold may feel a little less.

Environmentalist Kamruzzaman Majumdar said that such behavior of nature is not normal. Apart from climate effects, unplanned urbanization is responsible for this. The intensity of heat and cold will increase in the future.

Experts believe that the concept of a season is changing in 2 months. In this situation, they are urged to emphasize the development of the environment.

Meanwhile, the country’s lowest temperature was recorded in Dinajpur yesterday at 8.5 degrees Celsius. Badalgachi in Naogaon recorded 8.9 degrees Celsius. Earlier on Saturday, the lowest temperature in the country was 8.8 degrees Celsius in Dinajpur.


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