Home Sports "Why is football only for the rich in Spain and not in Europe?"

"Why is football only for the rich in Spain and not in Europe?"

"Why is football only for the rich in Spain and not in Europe?"

We have normalized that football in Spain is a luxury item. On television or in the stadium, it doesn’t matter where we see it: the blow is guaranteed. And the price continues to skyrocket. While in the rest of Europe, where salaries are certainly higher than in Spain, we continue to see more reasonable prices, here we don’t even flinch when we are told that the cheapest location for

a match costs… 174 euros!!! And on top of that, that ticket will take you to the corner of Montjuïc only suitable for amateurs with binoculars, because if you want to see it in the best possible place you will have to pay 399 euros. We already know that it is a Barça-PSG, Champions League quarter-final, but let’s take a look at the Bernabéu, Metropolitano and the rest of Europe. You will see, you will see.

Real Madrid-Manchester City costs between 125 and 445 and Atlético-Dortmund between 70 and 335, while you can go to Bayern-Arsenal for 19 euros (150 the most expensive), Dortmund-Atlético from 18.5 euros and Parque de los Príncipes for 70 euros to see Barça.

Why in Spain do we have the most expensive football in Europe? No idea. On television, more of the same:

It costs 115 euros a month to watch all football in Spain, 85 in England, 75 in Germany, 60 in Italy, 45 in France, 40 in Portugal…

Because? No idea. It is funny to listen to a few leaders of our football like

Florentino Pérez complaining about the high price on television when in the last ten years they have decided to increase the price of tickets between 70% and 80%

in his stadium. Because? No idea. The worst thing is that no one rebels against football for the rich, beyond piracy to be able to see what we are so passionate about. “At the end of the day this is a business,” some say. “This is the market, friend,” say others.

And meanwhile, we continue to wonder why young people look the other way and the only answer is in the Super League. And what if we lower the prices?

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