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Why does Windows Safe Mode turn on?

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Windows operating system sometimes starts in safe mode. Safe Mode is a special mode of Windows. When required files and all drivers are loaded together. Safe Mode is activated when the PC system needs to be started with minimal preparation.

If Windows Safe Mode suddenly turns on, the solution can be found initially with a restart. It should be seen if it works normally later. If this happens more than once, the problem is complex. This could be due to damage to an important Windows file or hardware problem. If a new hardware settings change causes Windows to repeatedly go into Safe Mode, you should revert to the previous settings.

Safe mode can be started from the menu that appears by pressing the F8 key when Windows starts. However, high color display, sound, printer will not work in this mode.

Safe mode can also be enabled on the Android operating system of the smartphone. If the app crashes, freezes or slows down on the Android phone, the problem can be solved by turning on the safe mode. Basically Safe Mode is used to find out if any problem with the phone is caused by third party apps.

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