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Why do we have nightmares due to stress?

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Nightmares provide clues to our subconscious mind. We experience more negative emotions than positive emotions in nightmares. Nightmares are associated with real events in the past. Nightmares are the manifestation of our subconscious mind. That is, the things that are suppressed in reality, we see in nightmares.

We also have nightmares due to some stress. For example:
1. Being under pressure.
2. Exam stress.
3. Having financial worries.
4. Disturbed sleep.
5. Changes in the course of life. For example: marriage, divorce, death, divorce etc.
6. Acute emotional or social trauma related to past events.
7. Excessive use of alcohol or drugs.
8. Excessive worry (generalized anxiety disorder).

There is a relationship between sleep and stress. High levels of stress are associated with insomnia. Again, due to lack of sleep, a kind of stress is created. As a result, stress or lack of sleep creates nightmares.

Are stress-related nightmares common?
We usually have nightmares when we are anxious or have a stressful day. During the Corona period, it was seen that our level of nightmares was higher. People in areas where there is famine or war also have more nightmares. However, women are more prone to stress-related nightmares. Apart from this, those whose emotional needs are not adequately met, also have nightmares.

Author: Physician, Counselor Psychotherapy Practitioner, Phoenix Wellness Center Bangladesh


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