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Why do the teeth tingle in the winter?

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Winter is the favorite season of many people. But the outbreak of various diseases increases during this winter. Toothache and toothache increase in winter. Only those who have suffered can understand the pain. Many people drink cold water or swish their teeth during this time. Those who have this problem, must assume that they have some problem with their teeth. Teeth grinding is often considered as a symptom of several dental diseases. If you feel like this, you should consult the nearest dentist without neglecting it.

Many people use cold water in winter to make their teeth dry. For example: It is time to eat ice cream. This feeling is a manifestation of the normal state of the teeth. No matter how cold it is outside, the temperature inside the mouth is always 98.4 degrees or closer. So if you put something cold in your mouth, your teeth will become tingly due to the sudden drop in temperature.
There are many who brush vigorously or for too long. This causes the gums to recede or decay towards the root of the tooth. Even in such a situation, the teeth tingle. In this case too, simple treatment like filling solves the problem.

Many people have tartar on their gums or food stuck between their teeth. It is like a pocket when digging out those foods with a toothpick. Due to these reasons, if there is water in winter, the teeth will tingle.

Most dental diseases are first manifested by a tingling sensation. Eg: carriage or wound. When a tooth gets caries or lesions, there is no initial pain, swelling of the gums, or tooth breakage. First, drinking water makes you shiver, eating sour makes your teeth sour, and eating sweet makes you uncomfortable.

Author: Sikdar Dental Care, Mirpur, Dhaka


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