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Why do our emotions work, but conscience does not work?

by Afonso
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Emotions and conscience. These are two of the main accessories of Homo sapiens of this world. At one time, people were more driven by emotions. With the change of time, Viveka was also born. But the balancing act between emotion and conscience has never been accomplished. If Bengalis are brought in as compared to the whole of mankind, the imbalance may be more pronounced. We are the ones who gave birth to this saying that most of the time our emotions work, but conscience does not work!

Before looking for a solution to the emotions and conscience of the people of this country, let’s understand a little about the entire human race. What kind of animals are people? Do you value emotions more? Or obey conscience all the time?

Science says that humans are primarily emotional animals. People do most of the work and make most of the decisions based on emotions. Conscience actually works only when people act according to reason. Reason has a lot to do with conscience. In our country, conscience generally refers to the sense of right and wrong. Whenever the subject of judgment arises, the subject of logic becomes relevant. Because you can judge only when you can make a habit of seeing things with the eyes of reason. So, as such, there is an obligation to be rational with the awakening of conscience.

According to psychology, excessive emotion can destroy a person’s ability to make rational decisions. That is, excess of emotions is not good at all. Especially when careful decision-making is required, of course not.

Individuals turn into collectives, which in turn build power structures in most regions today. As a result, individual emotions can affect the collective as well. Several researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law conducted a study several years ago. That study found that emotion governs much of human behavior, and that emotion has a significant impact on public policy and international relations. That is, understand, how far-reaching the influence of their emotions can be only for people who are driven by emotions!

A research paper titled ‘Psychology and the Rationality of Emotion’ was published in the US PubMed Central in 2011. That said, the procedural structure of human thought is generally not logical. Much of what happens in this structure is conscious, automatic, emotional and exploratory in nature. All these four drive the human thought process. And it is clear that there is no place for conscience or reason in them.

As a result, it can be said that it is common for people to act emotionally. But it is also true that human evolution has happened and is happening with time. That evolution is not only physical. Mentally too. People are gradually trying to become more rational. It can be understood even if we inquire about many countries of the developed world. But conscience is still missing in our country. Its evidence is found in various cases.

Let’s see some recent news headlines in this context.

1. Divorce the wife by announcing on the microphone of the mosque
2. Miscreants escaped by opening the fishplate clip of the railway line, border express was saved
3. Arrested 4 on the charge of selling dog meat while talking about Khasi-cow

You can easily read the main news details as there are hyperlinks in the headlines. Still, the first piece of news is a good example of our emotions getting in the way. A man divorces his wife by announcing it over a mosque microphone. This he could easily have done quietly in the legal process. But he desperately needed a loud voice. Because he not only wanted a divorce, but also wanted the loss of his wife’s social status. That emotion (to say emotion but to mean anger, rage, love, affection—all) was so all-consuming that it did not hesitate to flood his conscience.

The second piece of news is quite dire. With this, there is also the fear of death of many people. After Gazipur, miscreants tried to sabotage the railway line by opening 72 fishplate clips at Domar in Nilphamari. When the locals heard the clip opening, they ran away. The border express train from Chilahati to Khulna was saved from the accident by the efforts of railway department and locals. This is what happened last Wednesday. If it had turned into an accident, the entire country would have been in mourning today. Those who are opening fish plates or cutting railway lines, must be thinking of their own interests. Maybe there are economic reasons involved, maybe – or political. Since no one has been caught that way, none of this can be confirmed. But it is understandable that there is a vested interest involved. With that interest naturally comes hope. And because of that emotion, those people did not hesitate to forget their conscience and become criminals. Even the fear of death of many people did not stop them from committing crimes.

The third message is basically an example of breach of trust for financial gain. However, four people were arrested in that incident. They used to talk about Khasi-cow and sell dog meat. It is fair to say that he would have sold it at a lower price. That’s why many people were attracted. It is not that there are no people in this world who accept dogs as food. But people’s tastes and preferences vary from region to region. We don’t have that in our country. Due to lack of movement, we only eat cows and not dogs. As I have already said, dogs must have been sold in the name of cow-khasi due to the greed of lower prices. As a result, it is understood that actually some lower class people have stepped into this trap. What is the reason for such a breach of trust with those who run out of money to bring salt? In fact, it is the eager desire of the seller to make money in various ways. Conscience is defeated by the passion of that desire.

It is possible to find more such cases in this country and if you look for them you will find them in abundance. If you don’t want to look for them, even if you go to Facebook-YouTube, you will understand how often our conscience is defeated by emotions. The problem is, many people realize it after a while, even if they are all emotional. Belatedly, maybe Vivek tries to wake up to some extent. But in this country that understanding is not common. If so, some chain reaction of that too could be realized.

So are our emotions all-consuming?

It is difficult to give a straightforward answer to the above question. Because, there is not much research on these things in Bengal. Thinking too little. However, in a country where many people do not find freedom in reason and do not try to find it, is not the natural consequence of the disappearance of conscience in the world of emotions?

Hopefully, the answer to the last question (the answer to which is hidden in everyone’s mind) will reveal the real reason for the disappearance of conscience. Still, those who don’t want to understand, it can be said for sure that the antenna of their brain has only caught the wind of emotion!

Author: Sub-Editor, Independent Television


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