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Why did you come out of the festival, said Rozina

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On Saturday (January 20), the Dhaka International Film Festival opened. An unexpected incident happened on the first day of the event. National film award winning actress Rozina suddenly left the event. Criticism has also been made about this matter. Rozina herself opened up about the matter. He said that he left the venue that day as he felt humiliated.

It is known that Indian actress Sharmila Tagore is one of the attractions of this year’s festival. He was the special guest at the opening ceremony. The inaugural session was held in the main auditorium of the National Museum. Actress Rozina entered there a few minutes late that day. He had to push the crowd with his own hands to come forward. No one went and welcomed. The organizers did not even reserve any seats for him. Even Sharmila was sitting on the sofa in the audience row. By that time, the seats where he and other dignitaries were sitting were also vacated. Rozina is seen standing for a few seconds without finding a way. But despite knowing him well, no one left his seat for him. Actresses like Shami Kaiser also sat nonchalantly. Shortly after that, Rozina suddenly left the auditorium.

“It’s very sad,” said Rozina. You may have noticed when the announcement was made – it was said that we could see a lot of viewers. Of course, with a gallery this big, there will be visitors. But we are film people, right? Some may have come to the film, some may not have come. There was heavy traffic on the road. This festival will end on 28th, maybe some people will come that day too. It is sad that we were not announced. It is shameful for foreigners. I have come as one of the films. We have film people, many visitors come and see the media siblings… we feel great. He who declared, but did not say these words even once. It insults our film people. Film people who have come from abroad will think that there is a festival in Bangladesh, but no one from the film industry has come.

He added, ‘What if I exist, what if I don’t exist! It does not matter! However, I hope that if someone from the film comes to this festival in the future, then his name should not be mentioned; At least we can see the people of our films, are present—these words should be said.’

It should be noted that Finance Minister Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali was on the stage as the chief guest in the opening ceremony. He inaugurated the festival. Chinese Ambassador Yao Wen was the special guest. The invited guests sat on the stage. But there was no one representing Bangladeshi cinema.


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