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Why are so many immigrants leaving Canada?

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Immigrants are tempted to leave Canada. New immigrants are also turning away from Canada. Experts say immigrants have lost interest in Canada because of the rising cost of living. All this has been said in the report of the news agency Reuters.

Canada has a high number of elderly people and a slow rate of population growth. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made immigration a key weapon in meeting this challenge, and has been successful. His immigration policies helped boost Canada’s economic growth. But this year saw the largest number of immigrants leave Canada in the past six years.

According to Canadian government statistics, about 42,000 immigrants left Canada in the first six months of 2023. Before that, 93 thousand 818 people left Canada in 2022 and 85 thousand 927 people left in 2021. That is, the rate of leaving Canada is steadily increasing.

Immigration advocacy group Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) said in their recent report that the rate of immigrants leaving Canada was low during the Corona pandemic. But recently it has increased again.

Canada is an immigrant dependent country. Canada has allowed 2.5 million immigrants to live permanently in the last 8 years. But the recent trend of immigrants leaving Canada has raised concerns for the Trudeau government.

Reuters spoke to at least six migrants. They said that the rising cost of living has made it difficult to live in Canada.

A 25-year-old woman named Kara said she came to Canada from Hong Kong as a refugee in 2022. He lives in a one-room apartment in Scarborough, Toronto. The apartment is in the basement. For this he has to pay 650 Canadian dollars. 30 percent of what he earns is spent on house rent.

Kara has three part-time jobs in Canada. Earn 16.55 Canadian dollars per hour. This is the lowest salary in the province of Ontario. He then went to a university to pursue a degree. Kara says, here every penny has to be counted and spent. But I can’t lead a good life. But living in Hong Kong, I could save one-third of my monthly income.

Myo Mong, 55, came to Canada from Myanmar about 30 years ago. He has a restaurant business in Canada. Apart from this he is a successful housing agent. Still, he plans to spend his late retirement in a country like Thailand. Myo Maung said that the income I earned could not cover the high cost of living in Canada in retirement.


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