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Who wants positive action to control the market

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Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader has commented that ‘positive action’ should be taken to control commodity prices and markets. He made this comment at a press conference at the Awami League president’s political office in Dhanmondi in the capital on Monday afternoon.

Quoting the new government’s priority of product price and market control, Kader said, ‘The necessary action must be taken for this. Threats alone will not solve the problem. Action must be taken here, strategy must be adopted. Because the reality of our country, everything cannot be cooled down.

The general secretary of the ruling party said, ‘There are some strategies to be followed and realized. Bullying someone with words will not solve the problem. We have to go for positive action. Positive action should be taken against those responsible for this.’

At that time Kader criticized BNP and said that BNP is once again spreading terror and violence in the name of black flag.

Obaidul Quader said, ‘BNP has to pay for the mistake it made by not coming to the election. No one has the power to overthrow a constitutionally elected government. The 12th National Parliament is going to start its journey tomorrow in accordance with the Constitution and the procedure of the National Parliament. People have won Awami League with huge votes without responding to anyone’s undemocratic call. The new victory of democracy in the country has set its sights.

Awami League general secretary Quader said, ‘Awami League, which believes in democracy, will deal with political issues on the streets. Will not give up even a single point. Nobody cares about BNP’s threats. They are silenced like numb and blank bullies.’

Criticizing BNP Standing Committee member Moin Khan, Quader said, ‘Moin Khan Sahebder’s party of 75’ has proved that they are the anti-liberation war Razakar, Al Badr’s party by killing Bangabandhu, then on November 3, August 1st by targeting our leader Sheikh Hasina as a prime target. Moin Khan should apologize to the nation for giving his speech.

Where were Moin Khan and his party members during the liberation war asked Kader. He said, ‘The question today is whether their founder Zia went to the liberation war as a Pakistani char or not. Ziaur Rahman enjoyed regular salary and allowance under the first government of Bangladesh i.e. Mujibnagar government. BNP has proved that this party is the trusted address of war criminals. BNP is still carrying that legacy.’


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