Home Sports Who is this young man on his way to becoming a world champion at the age of sixteen?

Who is this young man on his way to becoming a world champion at the age of sixteen?

by Afonso
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Only 16 years old. Taking part in the Professional Dart World Championship at this age is a big deal. If a match is somehow won, it will go down in history. But 16-year-old Luke Littler has reached the semi-finals of the World Championship!

But Littler doesn’t want to stop himself here. He is constantly surpassing himself, and also increasing the limits of his own expectations. On his way to the final, Littler will have to overcome former world champion Rob Cross-barrier. Littler doesn’t think about it. The 16-year-old athlete now has his eye on the title.

The way he is showing glimpses of talent in every match, there is no way to understand that this is his first appearance in the World Championship. So far in the tournament, he has played five matches and lost only four sets. Having an opponent like Cross in the semi-final is not thinking about that. A glimmer of confidence came from Littler’s words, ‘I can’t be stopped so easily.’

Littler is only two steps away from wearing the title of world champion. The 16-year-old darts player never imagined reaching the semi-finals for the first time, ‘It’s an incredible feeling. I never thought that I would reach the semis the first time I played.’

There is a secret hidden behind such talent at this age. Littler has been playing darts since he was just 18 months old. Although it sounds incredible, Littler admits, ‘At only 18 months or two years old in diapers, it (playing darts) is crazy.’

How he got addicted to darts, he also said, ‘One day I went to the shop and showed my parents a magnetic dartboard. The next story is history.’
At the age of 16, Littler’s name has gone down in history by playing in the World Championship. The record for the youngest player to win a match in the tournament is now held by an English darts player. Littler had to suffer a funny experience in that match due to his young age.

In that match on December 20, Littler advanced to the first round against opponent Christian Cross. Then the Akelzandra palace audience shouted from the audience, ‘You have class in the morning.’

The situation has changed in just two weeks. Littler’s bank account now has about 1 crore 40 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency. It has brought familiarity throughout England. Wherever you go, selfie hunters have to meet their needs.

After seeing success in the tournament, Dart went to watch two Premier League matches. About the experience there, he said, ‘I went to watch one match of Arsenal and Tottenham. People came to see me. I don’t know any of them, but they all know me. It’s a great feeling. I have no problem taking pictures with anyone.’

Littler will fight against world number eight Cross in the semi-finals. Cross reached the last four with a record in the quarter finals. Cross was trailing 4-0 after the first four sets against his opponent Chris Dobie. As the first darts player to turn around from such a stage, Cross eventually won the match 4-5.

Earlier in 2018, Cross won the title for the first time in this tournament. Littler is on that path now. The semi-final of the two will be crowded. The pressure this time is more than the first time, ‘everyone likes the underdogs’. So the pressure was less when I won the first time.’ Cross also commented on opponent Littler, ‘He (Littler) is excellent and (the touch of luck) he deserves. Great as a boy. Tomorrow we meet at Dart. I have to focus on my work.’

Scott Williams will face third seed Luke Humphries in the other semi-final. It should be noted that all four semi-finalists of the tournament are English. If he beats Cross in the last four, Leiter will become the youngest finalist. Before that, Kirk Shepherd reached the final in 2006 at 21 years and 88 days.

What to say that the pages of the record book will be rewritten if Littler becomes the champion!


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