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Who is this woman sitting in a broken ambulance to get a family?

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A middle-aged woman is living inside an abandoned ambulance of Sherpur’s Jhenaigati Upazila Health Complex. A broken down ambulance in severe winter is his address. But no one around knows his identity.

Locals said that this unidentified woman sitting in an abandoned ambulance is mentally challenged. When asked his name, he said ‘Ruma’. And said, ‘I am the president’. When asked the address, he replied ‘Court’.

This woman identified herself as Ruma has been living in the abandoned ambulance of Jhenaigati Upazila Health Complex for more than six months. He spends the night without any thick clothes in severe winter. Sometimes it was seen spending the night in the open spaces of different buildings.

This mysterious woman does not ask for food from anyone. Eat only when someone invites you to eat. A local tea shopkeeper gives him food most of the time. Many times this woman spends her time by visiting the market and collecting leftover food to satisfy her hunger.

According to local information, rumar has been seen in the hospital premises since last six months. Although he did not talk to anyone in the beginning, now when asked his name he answered ‘Ruma’. Although he could not give any idea about the address, he indicated a court area.

Recently, members of local voluntary organization “Voice of Jhenaigati” and “Sherpur 71” searched for rooms with winter clothes and blankets. He was found inside an abandoned ambulance. The leaders of the organization are trying to find out the address of this unknown woman.

Health assistant Khadijatul Jannat said, ‘Ruma is mentally ill. He cannot remember many things. You can’t talk about the morning in the afternoon. He needs treatment. Locals occasionally give Ruma food, which he eats with great satisfaction.’

Zahidul Haque Monir, a UP member of Jhenaigati Sadar and founder of the voluntary organization Voice of Jhenaigati, said, ‘The members of the local voluntary organization Voice of Jhenaigati are regularly trying to find out about the woman on the advice of Imran Hasan Rabbi, the district representative of Channel 24. For now he has been given food and winter clothes. Only Ruma can say nothing about his identity. Our volunteers have already posted pictures of Ruma on Facebook asking for her identity. Hopefully, we will be able to find out his family soon.’

Dr. Medical Officer of Jhenaigati Upazila Hospital. Md. Al Amin said, ‘The identity of this woman is unknown. He is mentally retarded. If his relatives are found, they can be brought back to normal life with proper treatment.’

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Jhenaigati Police Station Bachir Ahmed Badal said, ‘The address and relatives of this woman are being sought. We hope to get the relatives soon.’


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