Home News Who else will play in the World Cup for the elderly except Brazil and Argentina?

Who else will play in the World Cup for the elderly except Brazil and Argentina?

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Starting with the T20 World Cup, the Euros will begin in mid-June. Copa America will also start on June 21. The month of June 2024 will be very busy for everyone. Meanwhile, another World Cup is appearing. British media Daily Mail said that the 35th World Cup will be held in June.

However, the number of participating teams in this World Cup held in England is quite small, only eight. Because, only the eight teams that won the original football world cup will participate in this tournament.

Daily Mail claims. England, Argentina, Brazil in the tournament organized by Elite Players Group. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Uruguay will participate.
The founders of the elite players group will all captain their respective countries. England will be captained by former Real Madrid star Steve McManaman. Argentina will be led by Esteban Cambiasso, Brazil will be captained by former captain Emerson. Former Madrid star Christian Karembeau is also the captain of France.
Italy will be captained by World Cup winner Marco Materazzi, famous for Zinedine Zidane’s bribery scandal, Spain will be captained by another former Madrid player, Mikel Salgado, Uruguay captain Diego Lugano and Germany will be led by Kevin Curani.

Players must be over 35 to be in the squad for this tournament. He should also play in the national team of that country and if there are not enough players, then he should have at least 100 matches at the top level.

It looks like it will be a very busy tournament with the names being heard as possible players for now. Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldinho, Kaka, Michael Owen and Fabio Cannavaro are being mentioned.

However, fans will also be interested in Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Francesco Totti, Thierry Ory, Mesut Ozil, David Villa, Diego Forlan, Carlos Puyol, Marcel Desai, Hernan Crespo, Sammy Khedira, Pablo Zabaleta.

Only the names in the England team are attracting interest. Ashley Cole, Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, David James, Frank Lampard and Robbie Fowler will be the most famous names in England football.

It is said that all the matches will be played in one stadium in England. Even if it is an 11-man match, the length of the match will be reduced to 70 minutes considering the age. Anyone can get on or off whenever they want. There will be 18 players in the squad.

Nothing specific is known yet about when it will start. But it is heard that the final will be on June 11. The quarter finals will be held on June 4 and 5. And the semi-final will be on June 8.


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