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Which to buy, desktop or mini computer?

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Currently, more or less everyone has to use a computer for personal or institutional needs. There are different types of these computers. Among them, desktop and laptop are widely used. However, mini computers are gaining popularity these days due to portability. With the development of technology, the capabilities of mini computers are also increasing. Technologists believe that mini computers will be ahead in 2024 due to several reasons.

Desktops are always ahead of mini computers in terms of performance. But there is no reason to think of mini computers as less powerful. Apart from this, AMD is trying to increase the performance of mini PC including laptop, handheld gaming. Mini PCs with such capabilities may hit the market this year.

Easy to use
Mini computers are functionally similar to desktops. But mini PC is relatively easy to use. It does not require multiple cables like a normal desktop. Apart from this, the mini computer is also rich in terms of input-output ports. Desktop motherboards have limited ports.

Update complications on mini computers
Although the mini computer is close to the desktop in terms of functionality, it has complications in updating. Various parts of the desktop can be changed or updated. This includes everything from CPU to graphics card, RAM, storage, power supply. The CPU of the mini PC cannot be changed. But RAM and SSD can be changed.

Mini or desktop
Depending on the needs of the user, the purchase of both mini and desktop computers depends. If you don’t need a lot of performance and don’t want to upgrade your computer, then buying a mini computer is a good decision. Through this it is possible to work anywhere quickly. It can be carried in a small bag. However, if you plan to update various parts of the computer, the advice of technicians is to buy a desktop computer.

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