Home News Where you can see "Robot Dreams"the Spanish animated gem nominated for an Oscar?

Where you can see "Robot Dreams"the Spanish animated gem nominated for an Oscar?

Where you can see "Robot Dreams"the Spanish animated gem nominated for an Oscar?

After winning two Goya Awards for best animated film and best adapted script at the last edition of the Spanish film awards and becoming the best independent film at the Annie animation awards, “Robot Dreams”, which competes in the early hours of this Sunday, March 10, to win the long-awaited golden statuette of The Oscars (almost nothing) has been consolidated and confirmed during these successive awards and recognition exercises as a beautiful, calm film, without artifice or pyrotechnics that has managed to connect with both the public and critics in an extraordinary way.

“I want to share this award with the other nominees metaphorically because I will still take it to Spain,” joked its director, Pablo Berger, on February 18 when receiving the second most important award, the aforementioned Annie, known as the “Oscars of animation.” “. The film, based on the graphic novel of the same name by artist Sara Varon, strategically dispenses with the dialogue part to narrate through images and the evocative power of dreams, sound and music the story of a solitary dog ​​who lives in the midst of urban bustle within Manhattan and who one day is built, motivated by a decision crossed by melancholy and the remembrances of memory, a robot to have a friend who is forced to abandon after consolidating their friendship.

Un fotograma de "Robot Dreams"
A still from “Robot Dreams”Imdb

One of the strong points of Berger’s film, in addition to the director’s emotional connection with the contextual environment of the story, since At only 25 years old he settled in New York Thanks to the possibilities granted by a scholarship to study at one of the most prestigious film schools in the United States located in the heart of the West Village, it is the conceptual commitment to an animated film without formal limitations, adult, deep and emotionally solid that goes beyond the alleged affiliation to a children’s audience in which its structure continues to be erroneously placed. And as Guillermo del Toro said after winning the Oscar with his film “Pinocchio” in 2023, “animation is not a genre, it is a format.”

During the collection of the first Goya, the director cried “long live cinema in the cinema!” and without the intention of reversing or boycotting the proposal, taking into account that the presence in theaters of “Robot Dreams” already responds to something more specific than generic (but let’s not forget that it can currently still be seen in 30 theaters), it should be noted that there are two streaming platforms on which Berger’s film can be enjoyed. One is Movistar Plus+where it will be available from April 11 and the other is of the moviea space where it will land on March 27 and will be available on demand for €3.95.