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Where to visit in Kolkata in one day, what to see

by Afonso
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Where to go in a day in Kolkata with a full team, the thought was running in the head. Since time is limited and want to visit many places, I took the help of Google Maps. There are many places but I tried to make a list of which places are must visit and can be visited in one day by pinning them on the map. At the beginning I listed the best places, then by looking at the direction of each other on the map I figured out the full day route. I try to follow this method while traveling to different districts of the country or traveling to different countries, it helps a lot.

Since it was a full day plan, I hired a traveler van. After having breakfast in the morning, the journey started with a bottle of water in hand. The first destination of the day was Victoria Memorial, Kolkata’s most popular tourist attraction. The temple is modeled on the Taj Mahal and I remember the Taj Mahal every time I come. I entered the main building in the hot sun. The Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s reign from 1876 to 1901. There are statues of Queen Victoria and various rulers of the British era here. This magnificent architectural building now has a separate corner with various memorabilia of India’s freedom struggle; Occasionally there are exhibitions on various historical subjects. Had a great time sitting in the green grass at the back of the building; I took a picture.

St. Paul's Cathedral Church is right next to the Victoria Memorial's back gate.  Photo: Rony

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church is located right next to the back gate of the Victoria Memorial. Established in 1847, this church is known as the largest church in Kolkata and the first Anglican cathedral in Asia. It was the first new church to be built outside British rule at that time. Entering this church of great architecture, I feel like taking some great pictures. When I arrived at the church, prayers were going on; Stayed till the end of the prayer and came back with a different experience.

Another must visit place in Kolkata is James Prinsep.  Photo: Rony

Next destination is Prinsep Ghat. Another must-visit place in Kolkata is the Prinsep Ghat, founded in 1841 in memory of James Prinsep, on the banks of the Hooghly River and next to the Vidyasagar Bridge. First I saw the memorial and then I went to the Hooghly River side. The beauty of the river, the built ghat and the beauty of the Vidyasagar Bridge are all together. The sun was overhead by then, making it time for lunch. Hence, the next destination was Kolkata’s traditional eatery, Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer. The plan is to eat Arsalan’s delicious mutton biryani. The plan is the work. It was a fun memory as a food lover on a day trip.

Don't miss out on Arsalan's delicious Biryani.  Photo: Tushar

After eating Arsalan’s delicious biryani, I got into the car with a bottle of Thums Up. Next destination is Science City. It is the largest science city in the Indian subcontinent. This city has science museum, science park and auditorium. The city has all kinds of facilities to enjoy science to the fullest. From cable cars to natural labyrinths or time machines to space centers or rockets; Everything is there. There is an opportunity to see how the various formulas of science work and the various interesting experiments of science. As a result, people of all ages, starting from children, are flocking to Science City. Spending the whole day here seems less but since we have some other destinations, we visited different parts of the city, took a cable car out of the city. Next destination Jorasankore Thakurbari.

It is the ancient home of Rabindranath Tagore's Tagore family.  Photo: Rony

It is the ancient home of Rabindranath Tagore’s Tagore family located in Jorasanko, Kolkata. At present this house is also used as the premises of Rabindra Bharati University. Although it is open till 5 pm, it stops issuing tickets at 4:30 pm. Being a little late, I could not enter inside but enjoyed the architecture of the building from outside. Before this, however, there was the experience of going inside the house. There are numerous pictures of Rabindranath Tagore from different periods of his life all over the walls. Various furniture and necessary items used by Rabindranath throughout the house. If you are a devotee of Rabindranath, this house will make you very emotional. Everyone bought Rasgolla and Jilapi from the front of Thakurbari and played. What does he taste!

Howrah Bridge is lit up in the evening.  Photo: Rony

Afternoon is falling. We went to Sobhabazar Ghat on the banks of Hooghly River to have a different experience. After getting off the car, we bought a ticket of 6 rupees and stood at the ferry terminal. From here I will go to the ghat on the other side of the Howrah Bridge by ferry. The experience of crossing the ferry under the illuminated Howrah Bridge in the evening is truly unparalleled. Along with this experience of boating in Hooghly river was also taken. Coming out of Howrah Ghat, Howrah railway station is in front. If you have time, don’t forget to enjoy its magnificent architecture. If you have any train from Howrah station then you can show that ticket and take restroom entry; Howrah Bridge can be enjoyed from the front of this restroom. We got down from the ghat and went to the Howrah Bridge. There I saw the river and this stunning bridge over it for a while.

At the traditional coffee house on College Street.  Photo: Rony

From Howrah Bridge, our next destination is a traditional coffee house on College Street to have coffee and an evening snack. From panipuri outside the coffee house to the coffee house’s special coffee, chicken-beef cutlets and pakoras, the taste is unmatched. Even in the crowd of so many people in this coffee house, which is always full, there is a special love. We all chatted together, had coffee-cutlets, took pictures; Had a great time. The day trip also ended by ending the chat at the coffee house. I went back to the hotel from the coffee house. After getting fresh, I went out to enjoy Kolkata again at night. Enjoyed live music at ‘Samoir Else’ Music Cafe on Park Street.

It is impossible to fully experience Kolkata in one day. However, this day trip plan covers many of Kolkata’s main attractions and offers some great experiences. So if planning a day trip to Kolkata then you can follow this tour; Hope you have a great day.


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