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‘Where there’s money, there’s our SP’

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Awami League’s nominated candidate for Faridpur-4 constituency and member of the presidium of the party, Kazi Zafar Ullah said, ‘I am not satisfied with the election environment. The SP (Superintendent of Police) of Faridpur does not want the selection of boats here. He does not want the boat to win in Sadarpur-Bhanga. For money, he has taken the side of an independent candidate to lose the boat.’

Kazi Zafar Uliah, Co-Chairman of the Election Management Committee of the Awami League, said these things in an election meeting at the Sadarpur Stadium in Faridpur on Sunday.

Earlier, around 11:30 PM, Kazi Zafar Uliah reached Sadarpur by car from his village Bhangar Kaulibera along with leaders and workers. Then he joined the election meeting and mass communication.

At that time, Kazi Jafar Ullah said in the election meeting, ‘I am not satisfied. Because, I see murders are happening in Sadarpur. A boatman was hacked to pieces by a boatman in Sadarpur’s Char Balashia. He is fighting death in the trauma center. But when we reported the matter to the police station, they said that if they want to take the case, they (the other party) also have to take the case. That means they are completely in favor of Nixon (independent candidate Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury Nixon).’

Kazi Zafar Ullah complained against the SP of Faridpur and said, “He (SP) has taken the side of independent candidates. Because the independent candidates of Faridpur are all rich. Money is where our administration, SP is. We are in the field fighting a war. Poor people will prove it by voting on the boat on the 7th. If SP-DC, OC come they will not be able to do it with human power.’

Criticizing the speech of Nixon Chowdhury, Kazi Zafar Uliah said, ‘I could not come to the area for the last two days due to physical illness. Nixon is apolitical about that too. It’s not right. He says my mother was a Fakir. He says I am Fakinni’s son. I will be carried up to the mandar tree. He doesn’t want to value people as people.’

Kazi Zafar Ullah said, “Two days ago, Nixon Chowdhury said to me, “Why did uncle stop the election? 90 minute game. I will give the money.” In response to Nixon Chowdhury’s statement, Kazi Zafar Ullah said, “Then you can understand, where has his mind gone? He wants to buy me with money too!

Kazi Zafar Ullah said that due to excessive work, he was completely rested for two days on the doctor’s advice. That is why he was not in the area.

Kazi Jafar Ullah said, ‘I don’t have money like them. But I want to serve people honestly.’

Faridpur District Awami League General Secretary Md. Shah was present at this time. Istiaq Arif, district Awami League leader Deepak Majumder, Anisur Rahman and others.


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