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Where is Ashrafuzzaman-Mueenuddin, the mastermind of killing intellectuals now?

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On the eve of victory in December 1971, the Pakistani forces gave a big blow to the independent Bangladesh. Intellectuals including doctors, journalists, teachers, writers were selectively killed on December 14 to make this country devoid of talent. This work was led by the local Dosr Al Badr army of Pakistanis.

On the night of December 14, 1971, many intellectuals were taken from their homes and killed. According to Banglapedia, 1,111 intellectuals were killed during the liberation war. Most of them were killed in Dhaka, 149 people.

The two Badr leaders Chowdhury Muinuddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan, one of the masterminds of the killing of intellectuals in 1971, were sentenced to death by the International Criminal Court in Dhaka in 2013. But the sentence could not be executed as they were absconding. Another master mind Al Badr force chief and Jamaat leader Amir Matiur Rahman Nizami was executed in 2016.

According to the information available to the government, Ashrafuzzaman Khan is in America and Chowdhury Muinuddin is in UK. The two countries granted their citizenship. As a result, they are still there. Leading various local Muslim organizations.

During the Liberation War, the two of them are accused of killing at least 18 people including nine teachers, six journalists and three doctors of Dhaka University.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan has been referred to as the ‘Chief Executor’ in the killing of intellectuals by the International Criminal Tribunal. And Chowdhury Muinuddin has been called the ‘operation in charge’ of this plan.

After the victory on December 16, a personal diary of Ashrafuzzaman was recovered from his house in Nakhalpara. There is a list of plans to kill intellectuals and who will be killed. The matter was mentioned in the judgment of the tribunal.

Among the intellectuals who were martyred at the hands of these two Al Badr leaders are Dhaka University professor and playwright Munir Chowdhury, Professor Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Ghiyasuddin Ahmed, Dr. Sirajul Haque Khan, Dr. Abul Khair, Dr. Faizul Mohiuddin, Professor Rashidul Hasan, Professor Anwar Pasha and Dr. Santosh Bhattacharya. Journalist Siraj Uddin Hossain, Syed Nazmul Haque, ANM Golam Mustafa, Nazim Uddin Ahmed, Selina Parveen, Shahidullah Kaiser and doctor Md. Mortuza, Md. They also disappeared after killing Fazle Rabbi and Alim Chowdhury.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan was born in 1948 in Chillerpar village of Muksudpur, Gopalganj. He passed Intermediate from Siddheshwari Degree College in 1967. Later he was admitted to the Islamic Studies Department of Dhaka University. At the time of his graduation in 1970, he was the central leader of the then Islami Chhatra Sangh.

When the liberation war started in 1971, Ashrafuzzaman joined the Al Badr army. He led the force in Dhaka at that time. After the liberation war, when the country became independent, he fled to Pakistan. He worked there for some time in Radio Pakistan. Later went to America. He has been indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal as one of the main planners and leaders of the killing of intellectuals.

On the other hand, Chowdhury Muinuddin was born in Chanpur village of Daganbhuyan police station in Feni in November 1948. During the liberation war, he was a student of the Bengali Department of Dhaka University. He worked as a journalist in Daily Purbadesh newspaper. He directly led the killing of intellectuals. After independence, he fled to UK through Pakistan.

Bangladesh has asked for the return of these two accused at different times. However, it did not happen due to the non-cooperation of America and the United Kingdom.


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