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Where did Shabnur go after his birthday?

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He returned home after a long time. So everyone’s expectation about Shabnoor was that he would meet everyone in the industry with time. But that didn’t happen anymore. The heroine suddenly flew away. No, not Australia, he went to Jessore.

The popular actress of Dhakai movie recently returned home from Australia very secretly. Yesterday (December 17) was the birthday of this heroine. The announcement of the new movie ‘Matal Hawa’ also came on this day. Where the popular small screen actor Mahfuz Ahmed will pair up with Shabnoor.

After the special day of her birthday, the heroine flew to Jessore in a plane on Monday morning. He said that he will spend time with his close relatives there. Will return on 28th of this month.

It is known that due to coming to the country after a long time, many personal tasks have accumulated for Shabnoor. He is currently busy with those works. This actress has also participated in the practice of the new movie. But it will take some more time for him to stand in front of the camera. In between, Shabnoor has also asked the producer (Chainika Chowdhury) for three months. He will stand in front of the camera after fixing his fitness within these three months.

Shabnoor’s visit to Dhaka is like three months. He will leave Dhaka for Australia in February next year. But that too only for 15 days. This actress will come back to Dhaka in early March. During this period, he has no desire to hold press conferences or face journalists. And the shooting of the movie ‘Matal Hawa’ is planned to start in March.


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