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Where Bubli is, Shakib is there

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This year, Shakib Khan and his ex Shabnam Bubli were in discussion for various reasons. At the end of 2023, they came to the headlines once again. It is known that where Shakib is, Bubli is also there. Means soon the two are flying to the Indian state of Assam bordering Bangladesh.

Dhakai actress Shabnam Bubli is going to participate in a cultural event there. Actor Nirab Hossain is joining him. The star duo of Dhaliwood will participate in a cultural program organized by NH Entertainment at Pipalbari in South Shalmara district of Assam on December 28.

Nirav himself confirmed this in the media. He said, ‘I am going to Assam for the first time, Bubli will be with me. If you go to Facebook and YouTube, you can see people expressing love from there. For the first time they are going to get close. Hopefully, the face-to-face experience will be great.’

Meanwhile, Dhakai movie star Shakib Khan will meet his fans in Assam. Kolkata actress Idhika Pal is staying with him. These two stars of ‘Priyatma’ will also participate in two shows there.

It is known that Shakib Khan is doing two shows in Assam’s West Khagrabari and West Goapara College premises on December 28 and 29. In a video message to the fans there, the superstar said, ‘Hello friends, I am coming on December 28 and 29. See you.’

Shakib-Bubli in the movie Priyatama.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

Shakib-fans of Assam have already expressed their excitement after receiving the video message. Apart from this, they shared several banners of Shakib Khan’s show with Idhika Pal on social media.

Incidentally, although it has been a secret for a long time, Bubli shared a picture of her child last year and said that she got married to Shakib on July 20, 2018. And the child Shehzad Khan Bir was born on March 21, 2020. Earlier, Shakib married actress Apu Biswas. In April 2017, appearing on a private television, Apu revealed the news of his secret marriage with Shakib. Their son is Abraham Khan Joy. Although the two wives are now exes, Shakib has grown distant with both.


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