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When will the dengue vaccine be available, said the Department of Health

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If everything goes well, the dengue vaccine will be available in the country within the next three months, said the health department. Ahmedul Kabir, Additional Director General of the Directorate, gave this information in a discussion meeting in the capital in the morning.

At that time, the Prime Minister’s personal physician Professor ABM Abdullah said that the government is trying its best to bring dengue vaccination. On the other hand, the mayor of North Dhaka says that dengue control is not possible without everyone’s joint efforts.

Not only the monsoon season, dengue outbreaks are now present throughout the year. To deal with this situation, a round table discussion was organized at Nagar Bhaban in Dhaka North on Monday.

The additional director general of the health department indicated that the dengue vaccine would be available soon, saying that the city corporation would cooperate in fighting dengue.

Ahmedul Kabir, Additional Director General of the Directorate, said, “If the vaccine is not laboratory label three, then the vaccine you make here will not be WHO pre-qualified.” You can’t even export that. They have assured us of capacity building and in March they will come and give the final approval. Our medicine labs are approved but vaccine labs are not.’

Prime Minister’s personal doctor informed about the government’s efforts to bring dengue vaccine. ABM Abdullah said, ‘Criticism for the sake of criticism is useless. Hon’ble Prime Minister is aware enough. Many people ask me, why is there no vaccine in this country? I say that those who make vaccines do not make them in their country. This is America, there is no dengue. They don’t know it. It did not stop them that they will make a vaccine for us.’

Apart from various government agencies, public health experts also participated in the discussion meeting. Meanwhile, public health experts questioned the role of the city corporation in dengue control. Many people also demanded monitoring whether the workers are working properly.

Entomologist Kabirul Bashar said, ’23 percent of mosquitoes are born from under-construction buildings, but I am talking about Aedes mosquitoes. At this moment, 99 percent of mosquitoes in Dhaka city are Culex. But what does this 1% Aedes mosquito do, create a public health problem. And 99 percent of Culex mosquitoes produce public licenses.’

Atiqul Islam, mayor of Dhaka North, said that a technical committee should be formed in coordination with all government agencies. He said, ‘5 entomologists have joined us. I will tell IEDCR how to further determine the hotspot we have.’

Experts insist on increasing public awareness along with all government agencies to deal with dengue.


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