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When the rooster is under police protection

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High officials, ministers, MPs or any person whose life is in danger will be under police protection – this is very common. But hearing the news that the rooster is under police custody will certainly raise some eyebrows. One such incident happened in Bathinda, Punjab, India.

A case of animal cruelty was revealed by the police on Wednesday. Police saved the life of a rooster from a cockfighting competition held in a village in Bathinda, Punjab. Currently, the rooster is kept under police protection. This news has been reported in a report of Indian media NDTV.

Police officer Nirmal Singh said, ‘A cock fighting competition is organized in Baluana village of Bathinda. About 200 people participated in it. We went to the spot after getting the information about the incident. Then everyone ran away. At this time we captured two roosters and one man. A rooster rescued from here was taken to hospital with injuries. The police have filed a case against three people in this incident.

Earlier, the organizers were informed by the police that such events were causing ‘trouble to animals’.

Nirmal Singh said the injured chicken has been secured and is being given medical and food aid. Three persons have been booked and 11 trophies have also been seized.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case against the accused under the Animal Cruelty Act. A person named Rajwinder was arrested in the case. But later he was released on bail. Other accused in this case are absconding.

The injured chicken has also been kept as evidence against the accused in the court, police said. Nirmal Singh said, ‘If the court orders us, we will produce the rooster in the court.’

Since the Punjab Police has taken the rooster into their custody, they have to attend every court and take care of the rooster. For now, the police have kept this rooster with them. A caretaker is assigned to look after the rooster. Police said that they are personally inspecting the rooster to ensure that it is not harmed.


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