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When I got home I broke the cassette like crazy: ‘Khakan Nirube Auri’ fame fame

by Afonso
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The nineties meant a different craze for Bengali songs. Tea table or college canteen or cafeteria – the band’s music was heard by mouth. Kolkata had the same picture as Dhaka. One of the bands that took place in the audience at that time was ‘Paraspathar’. Then the audience was gifted with some wonderful songs in the voice of Anindya Basu. But this singer who is famous for ‘When’ did not stay in this band for long. He left the band. After that his journey started with ‘Shahar’ band. Why did the singer come out of the band made by his own hands, said that in a podcast.

When the topic of why he left Paraspathar suddenly came up, he said, ‘Me, Ayan, Piklu – these three together made Paraspathar. Our experiments continued. Drums or electric guitar will play along with Bengali songs, it was a lot of effort to make it. Doing a little show. Not many people are listening to music. I did a show in Jadavpur. Upal played the guitar there. I went to his house to rehearse. That show is called a superflop. But luck changed, after an all-India newspaper did a cover story on us. After that we got to know each other.’

After that, Anindya told the reason for leaving Paraspathar. He said, ‘Ninety percent of the songs of Paraspathar’s first album were sung by me. Meanwhile, whose song is not being mentioned, who wrote it, who composed it. Everything is going in the name of Parsapatha. But there will be a credits. Everyone can’t make a song together. All in all, the matter had reached a point of annoyance. Lots of ego clashes. And because of this annoyance, there was a discomfort in the mind.’

Adding, he said, ‘One day, talk about this. I left and came out. I remember the rain since noon that day. All Kolkata is dark. I’m standing in front of a shop and shedding tears. No one can see my tears. But I’m crying. I suffered immensely. Only Rai knows how bad my situation was that day. I was like crazy. Back home I broke the cassette like crazy. It was 1998. Establishing the city from there. Songs like Sagarmela, Abdar, Feltus were made then. Still fighting.’

Incidentally, several songs from Paraspathar band’s ‘Ajho Khai’ album are popular in both Dhaka-Kolkata Bengali. Apart from this, the city band also became known thanks to Anindya Basu. In particular, his solo songs ‘Jakhan Niravne Duri’, ‘Ki Dev’, ‘Bela Dhor Jaane’ have made a place in the hearts of the listeners of this country.


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